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Why Segmenting Your Customers Is A Must For Your Business. Lesson From Cruise Boats.

Cruise boats are offering very exclusive areas of access for their highest paying customers, as reported by the NY Times. They can offer regular cruises for $4,000 and offer cruises for the very wealthy for $30,000. What can your business learn? If you’re not using CRM sales and marketing software, then you’re not able to properly segment […]

What Every Business Should Learn from Apple. Sell More Than Hardware, Boost Revenue with Services

Sure, Apple sells great looking hardware, but as reported by the WSJ. It’s array of services is what will keep the profits coming, over and over again. The WSJ writes, “The bulk of Apple’s services revenue comes from apps. Apple keeps 30 cents of every dollar that flows through the App Store. In January, the […]

For Small Businesses, Facebook Is the Dominant Media Pillar

There’s 4 big pillars of advertising – print (newspapers, magazines), radio, TV and Facebook. End of story. It’s not …and social media…it’s “and Facebook”. Facebook’s $5.2 billion of advertising revenue in the first quarter, 1.7 billion users, profit of $1.5 billion continue to make Facebook a POWERFUL contender far beyond it’s rivals such as Twitter […]

Smart Hustle Recap: Entrepreneur Advice to Grow Your Small Business

Smart Hustle Recap: SXSW 2016 Coverage, Mark Cuban Quotes, and More

South by Southwest (SXSW) is an annual set of conferences and festivals that takes place every year in mid-March in Austin, Texas. Although much of the event is tailored to the entertainment community (film and music), it also includes interactive media where businesses from around the country and the world set up booths to demonstrate […]

Smart Hustle Recap: Entrepreneur Advice to Grow Your Small Business

Smart Hustle Recap: Small Business Community Launched, Peter Shankman Joins the Team & More!

Last week was a busy week for the Smart Hustle team, so there is plenty to share in this Smart Hustle recap! As you know, we typically feature 3-4 of the hottest stories in our recap. This week, we also have some exciting news to share with you. Smart Hustle has welcomed Peter Shankman as […]