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Allison Midori Reilly is the CEO and Founder of Stirring Media, LLC. Stirring Media, LLC is a content marketing and news production firm that provides content marketing and business blogging services to the small business market. Prior to that, she was a freelance writer, who was published in over a dozen print and online publications, such as, American City & County,, Transport Topics and St. Louis Commerce Magazine. In her spare time, Reilly is an active member of Amnesty International as well as an avid poker player.

Why Bloggers Need Website Security

If you are a successful blogger, one who is a prominent voice in your field (and may be even paid to be that voice), then you have tons of assets in your website and in your posts. You may not be a large firm with customer information, but you stand to lose a lot if […]

QR Code Security Best Practices

Quick response codes, or QR codes, are the latest thing in mobile marketing. Scan a funky little square with your smartphone and instantly visit a website, subscribe to an email list, or download more information about an event or a business. They are great for getting people on the go and giving customers something quick […]

3 Easy Ways to Prevent Your Data from Being Tracked

Online privacy has been a big issue for individuals in the past few months, but how does the issue of online privacy affect small businesses? After all, small businesses are consumers too, and they are made up of individual consumers who are regularly making purchases, performing searches, and maintaining their social media profiles. Under current […]

5 Great Ways to Manage Your Email

People have too much email these days. Even the best of us, those who try to add some sort of sanity to our inboxes, have a hard time every now than then (I try to keep mine below 50, which is very tough at the moment). As part of our business relationship with Business on […]

Tech Thursday (Feb 2) – Adobe Echosign, FaceIN, Brainshark, SlideRocket Customers name EchoSign “Best of 2011 for Contract Management“ Lathem Introduces FR650: The Latest Model in the FaceIN™ Series for Time and Attendance Brainshark Launches SlideShark Team Edition 2012 SlideRocket “Make an Impact” Non-profit Presentation Contest Customers name EchoSign “Best of 2011 for Contract Management“ We’re thrilled to announce […]

Learn to Get Started with Social Media in 3 Minutes (Video)

There are billions (that’s right, billions) of people using social media, whether its Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, you name it. How does a small business actually leverage this? Where should a small business start? Greg Tirico from Sage offers these three takeaways on social media in the video below:   – There will always be […]

3 More Tips to Using Public Wi-Fi Safely

With over 50 percent of professionals using a tablet or smartphone as their primary computing device in 2012, it’s important to recognize the vulnerabilities in using a public Wi-Fi network. Sure, the local coffee shop is incredibly convenient, but just how secure is the network and the information you’re transmitting? Business on Main offered three […]

Learn How Mobility Could be Part of Your Business Growth in 3 Minutes (Video)

It seems that ‘mobility’ and ‘mobile marketing’ are some of the new buzzwords in business. Buzzwords will come and go, but the impact of mobile devices will not. As consumers and professionals become more accustomed to doing things on the go and to using mobile devices as primary computing tools, small businesses need to figure […]

Learn to Lure Customers into Making a Purchase in 3 Minutes (Video)

With the direction online marketing is going, it’s no longer enough to have a presence. Small businesses must push their marketing message strategically, and then lure customers is through quality content and a quality message. Sounds tough, but it’s doable, and John Lawson of ColderIce offers these key takeaways in the video below: – Social […]

Join the Next Generation of Online Video Advertising with Tubifi

Content creation has evolved from traditional marketing techniques like brochures and catalogs to a wide array of digital media, ranging from blogs, web content, ebooks, white papers, and video. With over 2.5 billion searches happening daily on YouTube, small businesses would be smart to leverage video in some way. One of those ways is through […]