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Amy is a former news reporter who currently works in marketing for a large technical college. In her spare time she enjoys writing, running and spending time with family and friends.

High-End Phone Systems Now Affordable for the Small Business

Gone are the days of expensive phone systems that small businesses simply don’t need and most simply can’t afford. That’s because many phone system developers are now finding more cost-efficient solutions to get smaller companies some of the more advanced features of a larger phone system at a price that makes sense for their business. […]

Video Conference Etiquette: The Simple Do’s and Dont’s

Companies large and small are now seeing both the productive and financial benefits of video conferencing for their meetings. Not only does video conferencing cut down the budget for expensive business trips, it also allows for more engaging interaction and input from peers across the globe that may not have been available to contribute otherwise. […]

Is Your Business Information Safe On Skype?

It’s so easy, just set up a username and password and you can save your small business thousands upon thousands of dollars in travel costs for meetings and events, just by using a Voice Over I.P. (VOIP) service like Microsoft’s Skype. And even better yet, it’s free! And although Skype’s privacy policy states that the […]

Executive Spotlight: Creating Goals and Mentoring Others Is What Drives Joe Cayero of Verizon Wireless

Joe Cayero wants to be remembered as a great leader and mentor in his work life, but also takes pride in making sure he is being “the world’s bestest dad ever” to his two children, ages 5 and 8.  As the Executive Director of Sales and Marketing for Verizon Wireless, Cayero credits his family for […]

Which Social Media Management App is Best? Here Are Three Worth Checking Out!

Businesses both big and small have a very important task these days, managing not just a website, but also Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest on a daily basis. It can be a tall task, especially for those small businesses without the flexibility to have a social media manager on their payroll. But developers are […]

Five Ways To Keep Your Business Safe From Cyber Attacks

It might seem like no one is safe anymore from malicious browser-based cyber-attacks. Even the U.S. Department of Labor announced this month that they too, suffered a malware attack through Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. But it’s not just the big businesses and organizations being targeted, according to the U.S. House Small Business Subcommittee on Health and […]

47 Year Old Small Business Builds Custom Apps And See’s Big Results

Illinois-based Bahrns Equipment is a 35-person, family-owned company specializing in heavy equipment rental and supply. Like many other small companies today, the Bahrns management team has been eager to find ways to increase their efficiency and their productivity on a tight budget. The never-ending pile of paperwork and forms to document all of the sales […]

Social Commerce Sites Now A Billion Dollar Industry

Sites like Groupon and Living Social seem to be losing the online shopping war as the “go to sites” for social commerce, with many other sites now finding ways to cash into the “daily deal” idea a bit more strategically. The growing trend for online shoppers today is browsing different retailers through just one social […]

The Social Media Battle Heats Up With New Features From All The Players

The war of social media giants continues as the biggest players in the game continue to try to “one up” each other with new features and functionality on their sites. According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, Facebook is currently testing the popular hash tag symbol (#) on their site. The feature […]

Square Awards $200K To Small Business Owners

Companies like Square have changed how business gets done with technology like Square Wallet.  They provide services so a small businesses can process transactions right from a customer’s Apple or Android mobile device. Because of their growth in recent years, Square recently gave back to some of their clients they believe are focused on job growth and entrepreneurship. In February, the company announced […]