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Anuradha Shukla is a China-based writer covering a range of topics from enterprise IT to mobile technology. Shukla writes for the Korean IT magazine Asia-Pacific Business and Technology Report. Her articles are also published by an Australasia media company Fairfax Media.

Small Businesses Can Achieve Global Sales Through Technology, a leading news site for entrepreneurs, recently published a study from The Business Journals. The study revealed that a portion of small businesses’ sales revenues is from international sales. Close to one million small businesses are likely to be engaged in international sales in the coming years. Small business international sales are also expected […]

Why Small Businesses Need the iPad

Devices such as Apple’s iPad and other tablets have definitely delivered far beyond their hyped debut as an oversized phone.  Today, most tablet manufacturers have recognized two market segments and are generally offering two types of tablets. One, a lightweight, trendy, breezy tablet such as the just launched Lenovo IdeaPad that are ideal and cool […]

5 Social Media Management Platforms To Choose From

With the increase in the number of social media networks, small businesses could use a social media management platform, or two, to keep their social media marketing strategy together. Several platforms (or SMMPs) have already made a debut and here is a short list of some of the more popular platforms –Postling, Breeze Social, Roost, […]

Building Email Lists from Mobile Phones

Service providers, restaurateurs and retailers will love ListBuilder to rev up their email marketing campaign. ListBuilder is a service that’s part of RewardLoop, is a mobile-based customer loyalty transaction service provider. ListBuilder will help small businesses have something that would be great to possess: an unending list of client email addresses along with their consent […]

App of the Week: Manta Business Search

Manta is one of the largest online small business platforms that provide industry connect across the nation. Manta is very popular with the business community and has identified the use of mobile technology as an effective tool to optimize business activities. One of its latest efforts is the Manta Business Search available in the iPhone […]

International SMBs Use Social Media Too

The success of small and medium business of today has a new analytics tool. Social media is the unsuspecting measuring tool that is unlocking innumerable business benefits, especially in the context of global economic downturn and the need for cost effective solutions. “Businesses are increasingly reconsidering pre-recession working practices and opting for more flexible, competitive […]

Choosing the Best Email Archiving Solution for Your Business

SMBs using a powerful email archiving solution are likely to reap higher benefits with 100% ROI and enhanced work processes. The critical part, however, is in choosing the right archiving solution, given the unlimited choice of well-packaged products for small to medium businesses by vendors and the emerging cloud-based archival solutions. Email Archiving Solutions Email […]

Online Marketing Tools for Small and Medium Businesses

Well, you have been reading about it almost everywhere: while you were tweeting, while using your email marketing software, or while reading your trade journals. The latest online marketing strategy with the extensive reach of over a hundred million captive prospects is Social Media Marketing. The results of leading research organizations like Pitney Bowes show […]

Small Businesses Using QR Codes to Engage Customers

Mobile marketing for small businesses has found a new method. Called a Quick Response Code, or QR Code, it is already a rage in Japan and fast spreading across China and India. Heralded as the new generation technology for web content search, accessing is very simple, easy to deploy, accessible technology and impressive ROI. How […]

A Little More on SaaS Service Providers

Small businesses today have a more secure and cost-effective software delivery method with cloud-based service providers. Popularly known as SaaS or Software as a Service, it enables businesses to receive software applications from a Saas service provider via web browsers. All the software and related data are hosted centrally on the cloud and for a […]