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Ashwin Satyanarayana is a content strategist and a technology aficionado who blogs at Groovywebtools. He is also a freelance blogger, Social media consultant, and an entrepreneur. He owns an Internet Marketing company called Fetchprofits .When he isn't writing, which is rarely the case, he is traveling the world.

Zimana Helps You Build The Best Digital Marketing Strategy With Google Engage and Search Metric Services

Bill Gates is believed to have said, “The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow”. We, at SmallBizTechnology, will go further and say, “It’s that town square you should be hustling at, right now”. Digital marketing is the ticket to the future, and to have a strategy that works is […]

Four Essentials For Growing a Top Notch Contact List For Your Email Marketing Campaigns

While email marketing has the ability to deliver highly valuable, informative, and helpful content to your subscribers while keeping it personal and regular, new subscribers signing up for your email marketing list is a sure sign of your success in business – it’s a sign of trust, an intent to buy, or at least subscribers’ […]

Google Reader On Death Bed: 5 Best Google Reader Alternatives To Consider

Reading on the web and keeping tab of all your favorite blogs is going be different. The long-standing, almost ubiquitous, Google Reader will see the dusk soon. So what’s going to happen to millions of readers who use Google Reader? Thankfully, alternatives exist. Here are five that are worth checking out: Feedly. Most of us are […]

4 Must-Have Local Marketing Resources for 2013

Most businesses take to online marketing, but most don’t see the forest for the trees. While the need for local marketing purely depends on the type of business and the overall marketing strategy, it’s often overlooked by businesses that do “need” local marketing. The Internet ushered in a spate of opportunities for local businesses, even […]

5 Small Business Tips To Help Save Money, Work Smarter And Succeed In 2013

Each passing year is a milestone for small businesses because running and sustainable business is no small task. While businesses flounder and vanish each year, the spirit of entrepreneurship does not. Economists predict that more businesses will take birth in 2013. More entrepreneurs will join the global community of spirited rainmakers. Whether you are running […]

5 Ways Businesses Can Boost E-Commerce Sales This Holiday Season

The holiday season is racing towards us and it’s imperative for your bottom line that purses are willing to open when they get to your website. According to Time’s Moneyland, the upgraded National Retail Federation’s  forecast recorded at least 2.8% increase leading to $469.1 billion overall sales in 2011. Online shopping alone galloped by 15%, and […]

The Power of LinkedIn: 4 Ways to Leverage The Grand Network For Business

A recent LinkedIn release  pegs the number of professionals connected on LinkedIn at an unbelievable 175 million members worldwide, 15 million of whom are self-employed professionals. More than 75% of these professionals are spread across 10 countries around the world.  The leading countries (with regards to number of professionals) are the United States, United Kingdom, […]

How Mobile Marketing Trumps the Web

Deltina Hay – the author of The Bootstrapper’s Guide to the Mobile Web and The Social Media Survival Guide and also a web developer, publisher, and entrepreneur – recently wrote an intriguing post for us, here at, titled “If you are not Mobile, You’re Not Going Anywhere ” If nothing, that post is a […]

Mobile Apps: Are They a Must for Retailers?

Just how prevalent, and important, are mobile applications for commerce today? According to, there are over 225,000 applications and counting. Apple counts about 5 billion app downloads, with each application being downloaded at least 22,222 times where every app generates about US $4,444.44 revenue.  An average iPhone user has 37 apps on an iPhone […]

3 Simple And Powerful Online Collaboration Tools For Your Business

If telecommuting is the new way of working, online collaboration and project management tools are the new world office place. Just as exotic as working from anywhere in the world, online collaboration tools turn “exotic” into “reality”. Today, companies are created and run using nothing but a smorgasbord of tools over the Internet, out of […]