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Anthony Smith is the CEO of Insightly, a San Francisco-based SaaS CRM application. He built the first version of Insightly in six months from his home in Perth, Australia, after identifying a market need for a CRM solution focused on small business. He has previous experience designing and building CRM software for enterprise use. Prior to Insightly, Anthony worked as a consultant for IBM and as a software engineer for global mining consultancy Snowden. Follow Insightly on Twitter at @insightlyapp.

5 Ways to Build Collaboration Beyond Company Walls to End “Remote Work” Myths

There’s been a lot of talk in business circles about the pros and cons of “remote work.” Phrased in that way, the discussion is nearly moot. Employees who work beyond the confines of company headquarters should not feel remote or removed from the work that happens on site, particularly now that so many technology tools […]

Small Businesses Thrive When Owners Tap Into Passion and Persistence

The success rates for small businesses aren’t as high as entrepreneurs would like them to be. Depending on whom you ask, in which industry and when, you might hear that half of small businesses close their doors within the first few years. That fact might be daunting to most people, but business founders aren’t most […]

6 Short-Term Goals for Long-Term Success

Small businesses can create big success if they consistently set short-term, attainable goals. Whether your business is looking to expand into a new market, acquire new leads or make key new hires, these short-term goals will help you sustain momentum over the long term. 1. Make sales and marketing a priority. Clearly, sales and marketing […]