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7 Ways Your Business Can Generate Leads

You’ve sent out mailers, printed flyers and posted on social media, yet you aren’t getting the leads you need to grow your business.  If it feels like you’ve exhausted every attempt, don’t worry.  There are countless ways to generate qualified leads that will turn into conversions.  Here are 7 highly effective strategies you can use […]

3 Fintech Funding Sources That Change the Way Small Business Generates Capital

The Fintech revolution is literally reshaping our economy. In years past, people met with a mortgage lender face-to-face when they want to get a loan. In recent years, more and more alternative lenders are emerging to meet the growing demand for non-traditional financing and are giving banks and credit unions a run for their money.  […]

7 Ways to Use Technology to Efficiently Run Your Small Business

Technology has changed both the face and the pace of small businesses over the last several years. The proper use of technology can keep small businesses connected to their customers and improve communication within the company, streamlining operations such as marketing and managing a team. If you aren’t sure how technology can help your small […]

All Around The World: Keeping Remote Teams Organized

People all over the world are joining hands to get work done. With the Internet offering a connection point and cloud-based software available to facilitate organized business systems, companies no longer need a physical meeting point to tackle tasks and accomplish goals. If there’s a computer, there’s a way.   As flexible as this model […]

Increasing Customer Clicks: Here’s the Secret

Despite the fact that you’re marketing your business like crazy — on social media, your blog, via email, you name it — you might not be getting a lot of the one thing that matters: clicks.   Clicks to your website equal customer engagement. If you’ve got a decent social media following, are publishing content […]

6 Tools for Unified Teams

Many businesses have multiple locations, with headquarters all across the world. With that level of growth comes the challenge of coordinating team efforts over distance. Thankfully, an assortment of tools available online today make it easy to erase those miles and communicate almost as if you were in the same room with your coworkers.   […]

5 Ways Mobile Gaming Strategies Will Revitalize Your Marketing

You’ve probably witnessed this yourself: Men and women clutching their mobile phones, staring at their screens, and walking the aisles of a local store or the paths of a nearby park with a look of total determination on their faces. You know the mobile app that causes this kind of behavior: PokemonGo. I’m certain that […]

Using CRM To Nurture Your Best Leads into Sales

It’s a fact: not all leads are created equal. You might be tracking them all in your customer relationship management (CRM) software, but you absolutely should be treating them differently.   Determining which are your best leads — in other words, those most likely to turn into customers — can help you increase your conversion […]

Video Production Tips for Small Business

Video is one of today’s most important marketing tools. It’s estimated American adults spend more than five hours per day watching video online. SMBs shouldn’t be afraid to jump into video. Your options range from low cost, DIY videos to polished, professional marketing video. Wondering where to start?   Why You Need Video You should […]

Is Your CRM Data Safe From Hackers?

In an age where customer data is constantly being hacked and leaked, it’s vital that any data your business collects on your customers is behind a wall of security. With cybercrime costing the global economy close to half a trillion dollars a year, protecting yourself needs to be a priority.   No business wants to […]