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How Choosing The Right Technology Partner Took This Tiny Start-Up to The Big Leagues

It’s hard enough to be a start-up business, but when that business is going to be featured on a nationally televised show, things get a little more complicated. When Megan Cummins was in pre-venture phase with her business, You Smell Soap, she had the opportunity to be on the ABC hit “Shark Tank” where investors, […]

Using Social Networking For Sales Lets You Reach New Markets

Online shopping continues to evolve and the new trend for businesses is to use social networking to engage customers and encourage them to share favorite products with each other. Facebook offers one such avenue, but there are others cropping up as well. OpenSky recently launched its marketplace, which gives small merchants their own stores on […]

Avoid The Cost Of Downtime With A Proactive Approach To IT

Have you ever calculated the true cost of lost time due to server or other technology problems? Lucky for those of us who don’t do our own calculations like this, CMIT Solutions, a leading provider of managed services and other computer consulting services, has. The company recently released some stunning numbers that calculate the real cost […]

Create An App For Your Small Business To Keep Your Mobile Customers Happy

Creating apps that help customers interact with them is one way that small business owners are keeping up with the ever increasing dependence that consumers have on their smartphones. Businesses that add smartphone applications can provide customers with a myriad of services which might include account management, and the ability to make appointments without having […]