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Farhan Niazi is an experienced web strategist with a passion for blogging. He lives in Auckland, New Zealand and is currently working for Millennium Hotels and Resorts, New Zealand as their eCommerce Manager. You can connect with him on LinkedIn or follow him on Twitter.

clearString: A Web Content Management System Developed For and Catering To Small Business

When it comes to open-source, free to use content management systems, the first thing that pops into every tech-savvy’s mind would either be WordPress or Joomla. Though, they’re best at what they promise, but when we measure the quality and compatibility of their features and add-ons (plug-ins to be precise), some of us might feel […]

Groupon Strikes In 2013 With the Breadcrumb POS iPad App for Small Businesses

Breadcrumb POS is a new and lighter addition to the family of the original Breadcrumb PRO system. The PRO version of this product was mainly designed for restaurants and bars and accommodated numerous functionalities to enable the users to modify and integrate the system according to their needs. Breadcrumb PRO requires a monthly fee as […]

iSIGN Puts Advertisements on the Move for Small Businesses

Consumers have been seeing print ads throughout shopping centers for decades. Signs point hungry shoppers to pizza places, while the Geek Squad pulls in Best Buy browsers who might be looking for a quick fix. Unfortunately, shoppers have become desensitized to in-store signage and other marketing efforts rooted in the “old way” of doing business. […]

App of the Week – Weave: Letting Users Weave Business and Personal Life Together on iOS

Weave is a new iOS app that is letting small businesses, as well as consumers, keep track of to-dos from the convenience of their Apple device. Weave is a highly-rated new app from Intuit, Inc. that offers much more than simple “to-do” task management. The app goes where the user goes, allowing them to harness […]

10 Tips To Help Improve Productivity By Strategically Utilizing Time

Almost everyone has heard the phrase Time is Money! This was one of the first few phrases that I heard in my childhood. Like every other child, I didn’t pay much attention to it back then, but now I think it holds true for any person, student, worker or business entity. Today’s big world of […]

Integrate Multiple Online Apps with CloudWork: Save Time, Boost Productivity and More

If you’re a small or mid-sized business relying on a number of cloud apps for your business processes, but you’re tired of maintaining the information on each app, then you’re in for a big surprise! Nubera, the creator of GetApp and a pioneer in cloud apps discovery and integration, has launched a new service that […]

Understanding The Security and Privacy of Microsoft Office 2010

A new book available from O’Reilly Media, Security and Privacy for Microsoft Office 2010, instructs and advises on the topic of online business security. Examples are given to illustrate the functions of the software and why a company would want to use them. The book is by Mitch Tulloch, a well-known expert on Windows administration […]

PayDragon: A Mobile Payment App With Cool New Features and So Easy To Use

With the advent of technology, online shopping has grown in to a magnanimous global phenomenon – one that continues to grow as is evident by the numerous investments being made by businesses specifically for this purpose. Payment procedures relied upon in the process of online shopping range from the now commonly heard of PayPal and […]

Avoiding Hackers and Viruses: 5 Ways to Keep Your Website Secure

Believe it or not from the smallest corporations to even the big shots, website security or lack thereof, is an issue that is becoming more and more critical with the whirlwind that technology has now become. Not only does the work of a hacker or a vandal severely disrupt ongoing online activities, it can be […] Helping You To Manage Your Online Experience is a new technology start-up (currently in the beta phase) which runs on the cloud technology and offers its users an easier way to manage and organize their online experience; while also allowing them to discover, share, and store content from all over the web. MySocialCloud gives you the ability to store all your […]