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Hadley Jones writes on business, information technology and other subjects. From his base in France he also designs and presents training courses, and creates ebooks, workbooks and website content.

What Does Web-Based Order Management Really Deliver?

Looking for an automated answer to all that delivery stuff you have to do after a customer buys something on your website? Ramon Ray interviewed a spokesperson from Ordoro recently to find out how this company aims to help retailers with “web-based order management.” Q: First of all, what is “web-based order management”? It’s a solution […]

How Social Networks Can Shake-Up CRM – A Radio Interview With Ramon Ray and Jim Blasingame

Ramon Ray was the guest of Jim Blasingame on the Small Business Advocate radio show, just before the Seventh Annual Small Business Summit hosted by Ramon on March 6, 2012. Part of the Small Business Advocate brains trust, Ramon shared some of his insights into customer service, a major theme of the Summit meeting, including […]

CashView From Bill.Com Brings Live Cash Management to Businesses

Ever since PC spreadsheets were invented, businesses have used them in a host of applications, including financial planning and cash management. While certainly an improvement over paper-based systems, spreadsheets suffer,however, from one major drawback. They are static: they do not keep pace with changing real-world scenarios. So is there a computerized planning tool that makes […]

2012 State of Mobility Survey – Is Your Business at Risk?

Using mobile devices in SMBs today is not a question of “if”, but of “how?” According to the 2012 State of Mobility Survey from Symantec, businesses are at the point where they no longer feel they can get business done without them. “We have reached a tipping point in the business use of mobile devices” […]

CrashPlan or Carbonite – Are Bandwidth Restrictions Throttling Your Backup?

With cloud services now available, gone are the days of those local data backups to CDs or tape – or are they? If your business has a modest amounts of data to safeguard, then cloud services provide a convenient solution for moving a copy of your data over the web to a secure storage environment. […]

Struggling to Find Great Business Apps? Verizon Has a Helpful Database

As a small and medium sized business, you often have enough to do to keep customers satisfied and money coming in. Having to hunt through the online haystack of business apps for the one that is just right for your organization is an unwelcome chore. Yet good apps cannot be ignored as they have the […]