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Itai Elizur is the COO at Inbound Junction, a content marketing agency specializing in helping startups and business increase their online visibility. Prior to joining the Inbound Junction team, Itai worked as a Creative Manager at, and as the Director of Marketing at Infolinks, the 3rd largest website network in the world.

How Patch Management Can Save You from an It Security Breach

In 2017, Equifax lost the most sensitive of information for nearly 148 million Americans. The worst part about this seismic incident is that there was no excuse for it to happen; the breach was entirely preventable. According to Wired: “. . . Equifax has confirmed that attackers entered its system in mid-May through a web-application […]

4 Webinar Hosting Mistakes that can Ruin You to Oblivion

Webinars will undoubtedly be a great addition to your marketing arsenal. When you think about it, it’s basically like a video on steroids. In addition to engaging your audience through a live feed, you also get to interact with them through polls, chat, and Q&A sessions. But the best part of webinars is how accessible […]

How to Calculate ROI When People Share Your Content

There are several key benefits associated with having profiles other than your own branded social media accounts share your company’s content. It increases brand recognition, helps improve brand loyalty, provides more opportunities to convert, and often results in higher conversion rates. According to Ambassador, 71% of customers who have a good experience interacting with a […]

Affordable Yet Powerful Tools for Streamlining Your Small Business

Compared to established companies or large corporations, a common struggle that small businesses often contend with is the fact that their pockets aren’t deep enough. Not only would they lack the funds for product research and development, but they’d also lack the resources to acquire the tools that can help them streamline their business. Are […]

Actions Your Business Should Take Incase of Click Fraud

Paid search has indeed opened opportunities for businesses to position their products and services in front of their prospective customers online. There’s no reason why pay per click ads don’t make an attractive choice for advertisers who want to make a quick entry into their industry. But there’s also a growing concern among new business […]

How the Blockchain is Set to Alter the Gig Economy scene for the Better

In the past decade, the number of remote freelance workers – in relation to traditional employees – has skyrocketed. One of the most notable reasons for the workforce facelift is paradigm-shifting technologies that have enabled such a transition to occur. In recent years, various platforms like Freelancer, Upwork, TaskRabbit, Handy, and a myriad of others […]

Cultivating Work Culture through Emotive Motivation and Leadership

How does one truly define work culture? Is it an imposition of work ethos? Is it representative of cooperation and coordination or is it the prerogative of an employer’s demand. How do you cultivate work culture to create a productive atmosphere within a business? True work culture stems from four pillars of wisdom that can […]

4 Main Reasons Why Your Business Should Use Podcasts

Podcasts are classic workhorses in the digital marketing space. Not only has it helped a good number of webpreneurs or business owners with bringing in more clients, but even the podcast listeners themselves are getting tons of value out of it. This business-building strategy has proven itself to be so effective, that the speed of […]

Why Small Businesses Need to Exert Serious Efforts against Data Scraping

Data is the language of today’s business. With the ubiquity of data connections, Internet-of-Things, connected workflows, and social networks, small and medium businesses are increasingly becoming capable in collecting data from customers, operations and the Internet at large. The increasing ease with which data can be acquired means there is also a need to ensure […]

This 3-Step B2B Marketing Plan Can Bring You More Sales

I get it: You’ve probably had your fair share of reading countless articles online about B2B marketing strategies, haven’t you? And if I’m guessing right, most of the write-ups you’ve read are generic — borderline useless — that you can’t even imagine why anyone would take the time to write such a piece. Don’t worry; […]