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Itai Elizur is the COO at Inbound Junction, a content marketing agency specializing in helping startups and business increase their online visibility. Prior to joining the Inbound Junction team, Itai worked as a Creative Manager at, and as the Director of Marketing at Infolinks, the 3rd largest website network in the world.

5 Ways Poor Security Could Destroy Your Small Startup

You are a target. No matter how small your company, hackers are looking for a way in to your website and customer data. More than half of small companies in the US are targeted by criminal hackers every year. Hackers’ break-in attempts will never stop, so you need to create a culture of security in […]

Filling the Funnel: 3 Steps to Turning Cold Leads into Hot Prospects

Every business has its periods of ebb and flow. Some months have people lining up to throw cash at you while others make you feel like a desperate door-to-door salesman. During the slow times, it makes a world of difference to have an established system in place for generating new leads and pushing them into […]

3 Services that Help Generate Income for Your Brand

The intelligent use of small business technologies can make or break any company. Ignore the latest tech trends, and you could become obsolete trying to do everything manually. Be an early adopter of every new craze, and you’ll go bankrupt trying to keep up. So where should you focus your technology integration? Above all else, […]

4 Technologies to Help You Launch an Ecommerce Business

There is more to launching an ecommerce business than “throwing up” a website, adding some products to your store, and buying traffic. This basic approach may generate some results, but the lack of a defined plan will eventually take its toll on your business. Fortunately, there are a variety of technologies and tools that can […]

4 Ways for Ecommerce Companies Can Scale Fast

Entry to ecommerce has become a lot easier today. Free and low-cost turnkey platforms allow merchants to create their own digital presence and conduct business quickly. However, the lower barrier to entry also comes with increased competition among merchants. For your ecommerce startup to thrive, you have to carefully manage your effort and strike while […]

3 Website Optimization Techniques for Maximizing Sales

Website optimization is a big deal. You need great content, stellar landing pages, spectacular on-site SEO, a plethora of inbound and outbound links, a memorable user-experience, intuitive navigational elements; the list goes on and on. But website optimization isn’t just about great content and top-notch SEO. There are plenty of components that business owners and […]

10 Time Tracking Services for Small-Business Owners

Do you want your team to be more productive? Do you want to cut out unnecessary expenses? If you’re a business owner, then you most likely will have answered yes to both of those questions. But, is it possible to accomplish both with just one service? If you use a time tracking service then this […]

7 Reasons Why Your Ecommerce Business Needs Analytics

Ecommerce continues to grow globally. By 2020, eMarketer estimates that retail ecommerce will be worth more than $4 trillion. If you’re into ecommerce, you can expect heightened competition as a consequence of global growth. As such, you must leverage all possible sources of competitive advantage especially data and analytics. Analytics has emerged to be a […]

Where to Acquire the Funding to Start Your Own Business

Do you have a startup you’d like to bring to the world? Many of us fanaticize about quitting our day job, becoming our own boss, and gaining financial freedom by doing something we love beyond words The intrinsic barriers that come with building a startup company is what keeps many out of the entrepreneurial game. […]

How to Become a Customer Retention Guru

When you lay your first brick in the market, your primary focus is the acquisition of customers. The gritty details of staying afloat pass you by as you struggle to find that oasis where you can take the time to think about a more refined strategy. But once you’ve got a few customers that come […]