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Jennifer Shaheen, The Technology Therapist®, is an expert at helping business owners harness today’s technology to effectively grow their businesses in the digital marketplace. She brings over 14 years of top-level experience to the world of online marketing and has empowered businesses of all shapes and sizes to integrate effective digital strategies that boost sales, enhance staff productivity, expand customer base and increase market share.

Are You Staying on Top of Technology Changes?

We all use technology to run our businesses, and some of us love the changes that technology brings. But, for so many others, human behavior often gets the better of us. We get comfortable with what we know and the word “change” begins to cause feelings of frustration, especially when it comes to technology. The […]

5 Simple Ways To Do Big Improvements In Your Website

How do you improve your website? As technology changes and as client expectations increase, this is a question most businesses struggle with. In this two-part article we’ll look at some ideas that can take your website from good to great in the area of design and function. Since there is so much to talk about […]

Website Viruses – Who’s To Blame and How To Fix Them?

Imagine opening up your website to see a red screen warning visitors the site is unsafe. You spent all this time climbing the Google ladder and building traffic and now your website is infected with a virus. The thoughts running through your head may sound something like this: “How did this happen?” “Oh No! Is all […]