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Jen Anderson is a freelance writer and recovering techie who pines for her dot com days like a dead parrot pines for the fjords. She enjoys using her technical savvy and writing skills to help small businesses grow. You can see Jen's work at

The 3 Keys To Keeping Your Website From Hurting Your Business

Is your website turning off your customers? Are you sure? If you don’t test your site regularly, it may be full of broken links and outdated information. You’ve designed your small business website to be clean, simple and easy to use. But your customers aren’t going to stick around if your small business website doesn’t […]

SEO Experts: 5 Questions To Ask To Spot Who’s Legit and Who’s Taking You For a Ride

Most people who call themselves an SEO Expert (or worse, guru) are lying. The rules of Search Engine Optimization change too quickly for anyone to be a true expert. That also makes it hard for small business owners to figure out who’s a real SEO expert, and who’s looking to take you for a ride. […]

Should You Go Beyond .Com? What To Consider When Choosing A Business Domain Name

Ideally, your small business website’s URL, or domain name, will be It’s catchy and easy to remember. But if your small business isn’t unique, that may not be an option for you if another business is already using that domain name. In that case, you have two options. The first is coming up with […]