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New Design App Allows Small Businesses to Create Amazing Digital and Print Materials

Small businesses, with limited resources available, are always looking for a better, more economical way, to run their business. One major expense most small business face is marketing. The expense of hiring a dedicated marketing specialist can bust the bank, but creating your own material has never been easy. Well, one company is looking to […]

Docstoc Reveals New Website Design and Features To Enhance User Experience

Docstoc, the online database of millions of documents and tens of thousands of pieces of original content, including business videos, courses, customizable contracts, guides / info-graphics & document packages, has recently revealed a new design and layout of its website that offers a cleaner look and easier navigable experience for it’s users. The redesign, according to […]

Top Ten Cities for Online Small Business According to PayPal

PayPal recently unveiled the Top Ten Cities for Online Small Business in the United States, based on total payment value of it’s current customer base. This is the first time ever that Paypal has revealed such data relative to it’s small business services. The Top Ten list, compiled by the online transactions giant, names Manhattan as the […]

Scheduled Tweets: Twitter Adds The Service But You’ve Got To Fine-Tune So Your Business Benefits

Twitter has announced the addition of scheduled tweets to their advertising and promotion functions, where companies and advertisers can pre-arrange tweets several days, weeks or even months in advance. While this is a new offering from Twitter, it’s something that businesses have been doing for a while. The trick to scheduling tweets is how to […]

Public WiFi: Is It Safe or Are You Putting Your Data at Risk?

Wi-Fi is almost everywhere, which is beneficial for people on the go. Whether it’s airport terminals, on the bus or train or sitting in a coffee shop, you can stay connected with colleagues and clients and never be out of touch. But just how safe is free public Wi-Fi? GFI software announced the findings of […]

The Evolution of Online Payments Brings More Security and More Players For Small Businesses To Consider

Accepting and making payments online is becoming the norm in business these days. If your business isn’t accepting online transactions in the year 2013 then, frankly, you’re long left in the dust. Thankfully these businesses are few and far between and many small-to-medium companies have embraced the change, particularly since the advent of  services like […]

Twitter and Chase Team Up To Help Boost Small Business

Twitter has teamed up with Chase bank to offer one million free ad credits to small businesses in a bid to kick-start a new wave of small businesses utilizing social media and technology. The partnership will see the four million small business customers of Chase in the US have a chance to access unique workshops […]

Phishing Attacks On Social Network Sites Rises by 123%. Three Tips To Keep Your Business Safe!

For all its wonder, the internet can still be a dangerous place and protecting your business’ online presence from cyber-attacks has never been more important. Leaving your online presence in a state of vulnerability can greatly damage your reputation as a company, as well as your relationship with other businesses, according to online security giant […]

Citrix Launch New Video Conferencing Tools With GoToWebcast

California tech company Citrix has launched its latest video conferencing tool for businesses, GoToWebcast, which allows professionals to efficiently broadcast large scale events. The webcasting tool is available on subscription and gives the user access to unlimited live audio and video presentations as well as making the content available on demand. GoToWebcast, which can reach […]

RebelMouse Brings You “Your Social Front Page”

In the ever growing world of social media, it can be rather difficult to keep up with the waves of new sites, apps, features and functions that are constantly evolving. One site that may have slipped under one or two radars is RebelMouse. RebelMouse is your online base of operations, which allows users to aggregate […]