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Johnny Duncan is a business writer with a passion for helping businesses succeed with words that win. Johnny has a MA in Human Resources Management, is PHR certified, and has coached business leaders and trained their team members in customer service, employee relations, and other people-side-of-business issues.

4 Ways Small Business Can Profit from Google Glass and Augmented Reality

The future is in the eye of the beholder… literally.  With a great deal of excitement surrounding its release, this January Google Glass is expected to be sold to the general population.  The glasses incorporate augmented reality technology and will allow the user to give commands to a wearable computer in the form of digital eyewear. […]

Expansion of Google Wallet Creates More Opportunities for Small Business

Making it easier for customers to pay has long been a dream for small business owners.  The easier it is, the quicker the payment, the less hassle in tracking down clients for payment or fighting back the “check is in the mail” syndrome.  Thankfully, for small businesses, the race is on to develop the best […]

Engajer Takes Social Media Engagement To The Next Level With Innovative Video Tool

Finding the right combination of social media platforms to use for promoting your business is not just a challenge, but often times a struggle of balancing precious time between promotional efforts and other business activities.  Thankfully, user-friendly tools for connecting with prospects and existing customers such as TweetDeck and Hootsuite will help to increase your […]

Turn Prospects into Customers Fast by Using ‘Click-to-Call’ Tech Tool

Enticing a prospect to become a customer is a challenge that has plagued business leaders since we first recognized selling as the art it truly is.  With technology getting more sophisticated every day, you would think that converting that interested prospect over to your side would be easier than ever before.  Unfortunately, you are competing […]

4 Cool Tools For Managing Expenses

Organizing and managing expenses can be a cumbersome task for small businesses where each team member wears many hats.  Yet, some sense of order for battling the chaos is necessary, regardless of company size.  There are just too many receipts to record, too many business expenses to remember and too many miscellaneous purchases that take […]

Syncing Contacts Is A Whole Lot Easier With These New Tech Tools

A key area to success in business is keeping contacts, emails and appointments organized.  It can, however, become a daunting and time-consuming task.  Applications that can ease and speed up the process are worth investigating. Newer and more seasoned companies offer services to ease your organizational ills.  Take Plaxo, an experienced team that has provided […]

Get Instant Vendor and Product Reviews With ExpertCircle

Successful business owners will tell you that running a business takes more than just blood, sweat and tears. It takes the assistance of other vendors and business products to handle the peripheral tasks to ensure the success of a business. Business owners cannot succeed working in a silo, but by seeking the resources of competent […]

Preparing For Disaster. Is Your Data Safe?

When Superstorm Sandy hit New Jersey in October 2012, roughly 8.5 million customers were without power.  In some areas, it was for weeks and even months.  Over 19,000 businesses sustained damages of $250,000 or more with a total loss to area businesses of $8.3 billion.  Tragic as it was, this was just one state facing […]

Finally: A Simple Solution for Preventing Fraud

In today’s economically challenged environment, businesses are getting more and more creative in what they offer in the way of discounts to targeted groups such as the military or college students.  Unfortunately, these types of special offerings open the doors for some people fraudulently claiming to be a member of the discounted group.   Thankfully for […]

From The Basketball Court To The Dairy Farm To Manufacturing Pet Supplies, Filemaker’s Customizable Solutions Are Helping Businesses

There are more and more apps, that claim to simplify business processes, coming online daily.  Many of them are sensational, while others aren’t worth the time it takes to download.  With most, you are limited to what is offered in the app with not much say-so from you, the user.  Thankfully, that is not so with FileMaker.  […]