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Joseph is a writer at Smallbiztechnology. His first taste of home computing was the Tandy 1000. He continues to be fascinated with how technology makes life easier and more efficient.

Virtualization and Your Small Business – How It Can Help

You’ve heard virtualization may be a good thing for your small business, but you’re not really sure what it can do for you. You’re not alone. Symantec recently released the results of its 2011 Small Business Virtualization Poll in which it surveyed over 650 small businesses worldwide. Turns out 70 percent of these businesses show […]

How to Keep Your Small Business Productive When A Heat Wave Hits

The dog days of summer are coming to a close, and this year we’ve survived another round of sahara heat waves. Hopefully, your small business suffered little or no negative impact due to the high temperatures. To beat the heat next year, it’s a good idea to consider today how you can be better prepared. […]

Need Easy Online Accounting for Your Small Business? Try this week’s App of the Week.

If you’re looking for a simple, smart and elegant online accounting solution for your small business, Xero has made it’s offering more enticing with the release of its iPhone app, Xero Touch, this week’s App of the Week. Xero creates what it calls “beautiful accounting software,” and it really does step away from drab spreadsheets […]

Dot-Anything Domains are Coming: 4 Things You Need to Know

If you’ve ever searched for the perfect domain name for your business, you know there’s a problem. All the good .com domains are taken. And nobody really wants a .biz or .net domain. They just don’t have the same ring, don’t elicit the right response, and are oft confused with their .com namesake. But there […]

Make a Mistake on Social Media? Get Back on Track – 3 Case Studies

News spreads like wildfire, triply so if it’s through social media. As companies have taken to social media as a regular communication tool, it’s inevitable someone would make a faux pas and post something that attracts negative attention. Even the slickest PR teams can have a tough time diffusing the effects of a social media […]

Get Ready for Mobile Payments – What Your Small Business Needs to Know

Pretty soon the convenience of credit cards will be eclipsed by the ease of paying with mobile phones. That’s what can be deduced from a recent study by Juniper Research. According to the study, the total value of mobile payments will triple by 2015, to an estimated $650 billion. Since a piece of that pie […]

Got Remote Workers? 8 Key Points to Include in Your Remote Work Policy

Win-win. That’s how many small businesses describe having all or some staff working remotely. Apart from reaping tangible benefits like lower operating costs (from saving on things like rent and utilities), companies usually notice improved staff morale and productivity because of more flexible work schedules, and for some, relief from traffic-congested commutes. But to keep […]

Are Your Email Marketing Campaigns Successful? Learn How to Measure ROI and More

If you’re new to email marketing, it’s vital you understand and learn how to measure email metrics. These metrics reveal whether your campaign did well, or if you need go back and tweak your strategy. Here’s a quick 101 class on measuring ROI and other key metrics of email marketing. Let’s suppose you’ve completed your […]

Social Media – Is It for All Businesses? 3 Questions to Ask Yourself

Seems like everyone’s hopped on the social media train. Even yourself perhaps. Like so many other small business entrepreneurs, you’ve probably pinned Facebook and Twitter logos on your website. You’ve managed to accumulate a handful of friends and followers. And you update your social media accounts, at least once in a while. You know social […]

Transition to High-Tech Customer Service – An Essential for Your Small Business

If you pride yourself on the attentive and genuine customer service your business provides, current technologies allow you to do it even better. A recent NY Times article by John Grossman gives a snapshot of how various technologies are incorporated by small businesses for innovative, yet authentic customer service to the tech-savvy public. 1) Go […]