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Joseph is a writer at Smallbiztechnology. His first taste of home computing was the Tandy 1000. He continues to be fascinated with how technology makes life easier and more efficient.

Need to Write a Solid Business Plan? DIY with Online Software by Enloop

It was hard enough coming up with that really good business idea. Now you’ve got to produce an air-tight business plan to persuade the bank and investors. Enloop makes it possible, and easy, with its step-by-step DIY online software. As the new kid on the block, Enloop is trying to gain traction in a business […]

Survey Reveals SMBs Are Reluctant to Move Entire Storage to Cloud – What This Means For You

Cloud data storage and backup services seem like no-brainers. Why fiddle with backup tapes and drives when your data can be sent to, and remain safe, in the cloud? However, a recent survey conducted by storage provider Drobo suggests most small and mid-sized businesses aren’t quite ready to take the full leap into the cloud. Drobo […]

Dealing with Shopping Cart Abandonment? Customers Unsure They Can Trust Your Business? Consider Trust Seal Provider KikScore

Online retailers are constantly plagued by shopping cart abandonment. One online security report points out that more than 63% of shoppers jumped ship on online purchases because of security and trust concerns. That’s a lot of lost moolah for retailers—actually about $21 billion in 2008 according to Verisign. The good news for you is businesses […]

Save Your Emails! How to Add Email Archiving to Your Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 and 2007

Asking your team to delete old emails to save space on your server can come back to haunt you if you’re pulled into an audit or civil litigation. Since most business communication is done electronically, email archiving is considered an IT best practice, even for small businesses. By storing your email correspondence in a central […]

Comparing Two Airline Websites – Lessons About Design and Functionality

Form and function—those are the goals to aim for when designing and developing your business’ website. For inspiration, it’s useful to check out other business websites, but you’ll need to be very selective. Truth is, a lot of big companies have websites that fall woefully short of the mark. Gabriel Shaoolian in a recent NY […]

Microsoft Rolls Out New Features in Bing Business Portal – 10 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Local Business Listed

Shoppers are a lot smarter today. When they step into your establishment, there’s a good chance they’ve done their homework—read the reviews, compared your prices, even checked out your website. It’s a smart move then for you to make online information about your business easily accessible. Potential customers will certainly take note of your efforts […]

Selecting the Right or Wrong Colors Can Affect Your Business and Bottom Line – 3 Steps to Choosing Color

You probably spent countless hours agonizing over the color of your business logo, even the color scheme on your home page. Don’t worry, even big corporations fret about color choice because apparently it does affect bottom line. According to Jill Morton, a color psychologist and brand expert, Microsoft researched the most optimal blue for links […]

AAA Michigan Improves Call Center Service and Efficiency – How a Real-Time Data Solution Can Help Your Business

When winter hits with sub-zero temperatures, AAA Michigan knows its call centers will get pounded by stranded motorists out of gas, looking for a jump start, or in need of a tow out of a snow bank. But it’s got it all under control. A recently published case study explains how AAA Michigan manages to […]

SocialToaster @ SXSW 2011 – Simplify Your Social Media Process, Get Your Supporters to Help

Wearing the social media hat in your business can easily pull you away from your other essential duties. SocialToaster believes it’s time to enlist your friends and fans to help. SocialToaster works by tapping into your Brand Ambassadors—employees, customers, followers, anyone who supports your business. Once you’ve installed SocialToaster on your website, you just rally […]

Das Keyboard @ SXSW 2011 – Serious Keyboards for Serious Typers

If you’re a heavy typer, cranking out pages as your fingers blur over the keyboard, it may be time to upgrade to a Das Keyboard device. Das Keyboard says its line of high-end, super responsive keyboards will boost your productivity. Crafted in the spirit of the legendary IBM Model M, Das Keyboard’s devices offer mechanical, […]