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After 15 years working in various forms of IT support in the corporate world, I made my debut as a freelancer. When I'm not working with computers or writing about computers, I'm generally playing poker at one, walking the dog or watching old DVDs.

50 Ways Your Business Can Get The Most Out of Gmail

Google has been working hard to make itself attractive to business users. For small businesses, using the tools provided by Google can be a very viable alternative to using traditional business software. Here are 50 ways your business can get the most out of Gmail. 1. Choose the look you like. It may seem obvious, […]

Thinking Of Moving Your Wallet To Your Phone? Read This First!

While the cellphone has become an essential business tool, it can also be an open door to fraudsters. It is therefore critical that businesses learn to treat modern smartphones in the same way as computers and to assess risk in those terms. Smartphones earn their name by their ability to run programmes or apps. There […]