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Mandira Srivastava is based in Bangalore, India. Equipped with mass communication degree, she started her career as editor-coordinator at Vadamalia media. She is a professional writer with over 4 years of experience and specializes in article writing, article rewriting and custom content development for websites & blogs.

New Partnership Creates The Most Comprehensive Source of Cloud Applications For Small Businesses

There is good news for small businesses across the globe. World renowned mobile application development pioneer App Direct has partnered with The Small Business Web, the trade association for cloud-based software for small businesses, to launch the Small Business Web Directory. This partnership creates the most comprehensive source of cloud applications for businesses. So what do you […]

Hackers Are On The Lookout For Mobile Targets. What You Need To Know To Stay Safe.

“The problem lies with the solution”. Mark these words as you will probably know the impact of this sooner or later. No matter what human’s engineer to make our lives more comfortable, some people know how to turn it into a nightmare and exploit us with what we made to pacify us. Digital security is […]

Test Drive Innovative Cloud Applications at AppDirect Marketplace

I am sure cloud computing has its shortcomings like data security and reliability ( read more about it here), but despite that small businesses are seeking to cut computing costs and improve efficiency through adopting cloud computing applications in this never-ending recession. Cloud based services can help small businesses to simplify business operations, keeping track […]

Video Is Becoming Essential: How To Get Your Piece of The Virtual Spotlight

With the advent of audio visual, broadcasting and internet technologies, broadcasting has become accessible to all. The various free online video sites such as YouTube and UStream are gaining popularity and stealing viewers away from television. According to a new survey done by Digitas, the top global integrated brand agency, 63% of U.S. adults have browsed through […]

Using Technology To Reduce Sick Leave and Employee Absenteeism

Do you get frustrated with your workers who take sick leaves too often? Do you find it difficult to track employee attendance? Do you know what all of these sick days really cost your business?? Sick leave issues are different and complex. ‘Sick leave’ delays work, leads to poor production and causes projects to fall […]

How To Protect Data Being Accessed By Mobile Devices

Mobile devices have introduced a new dimension into life and work. In the last few years, smartphones and other multi-functional mobile devices provide useful working tools that enable users to access business and other data remotely anytime, anywhere. However, recent trends in enterprise mobility have made mobile data security a new challenge for companies. According […]

Local Directory MerchantCircle Boosts New Features To Give You New Sales

 You’ve created your website, have your social media sites up and running with solid content, but you’re still not getting the foot traffic and new customers you need. What is a small business to do?  How do you reach the local consumers to inform them about your products and services and any special deals you […]

Need Access To Your Desktop Computer From Anywhere? Connect Through The Cloud With nDesktop from Nivio

There is nothing more frustrating than sitting down to give a presentation to a perspective client and realizing that you have left your product presentation file on your desktop at the office with no way to access it. Now what do you do? Fortunately, you can avoid this problem with an on-demand cloud desktop solution- […]

Still Waiting For That Client or Customer To Pay? ZenCash Helps You Get Paid!

Do you have sleepless nights thinking about the payment that you have yet to receive form your clients or customers? Does your A/R aging report weigh heavily on your mind? Are you finding it difficult to pay your employees and business expenses as you don’t have enough funds due to outstanding payments? Unfortunately, you are […]

Cloud Computing: Are Small Businesses Embracing The Technology?

Almost two decades ago, the advent of Internet and Information Technology has revolutionized the world and now Cloud Computing has radically transformed the way companies conduct business. Cloud computing is a game changer for the next decade and the day is not far away when on-premise, traditionally licensed apps will become a thing of the […]