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Michael is a writer and instructional designer, having worked in both fields for over a decade. He has had extensive corporate and freelance experience with a variety of business fields, including oil and gas, finance, health care, entertainment, and computer software. Michael is also an actor, having been in a wide variety of stage, series, and films over the last three years.

Tablet Based Point Of Sale (POS) Systems: Two Options That Take Your Business To The Next Level

Is your business still using Point of Sale (POS) cash registers? Is your restaurant still taking customer credit or debit cards from them to the register, then bringing them back? Are you still using flint and stone to start your caveman fires? Sorry, guys. It’s time to join the tech-savvy public and do something that […]

The Domain Name Gold Rush: Is Moving Past .COM A Good Idea For Your Business?

Last summer, the word got out that ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) was hosting applications for new website extensions that would completely reshape the landscape of the Internet. If you’re wondering what the heck I’m talking about, you no doubt know what ‘.com’, ‘.org’, and ‘.net’ are. There’s not many website extensions around […]

Rocket Lawyer: The Power of A Legal Team On Your Mobile Phone

When your small business has a legal issue, such as with document review or incorporation, certainly your answer is to call up the lawyer you have on retainer and have it taken care of. No fuss, no muss, and everything is done to perfection. That’s ideal, of course. Who out there really has the funds […]

5 Social Media Marketing Firms To Start With

Ignoring social media marketing outlets is done at your own peril. Without a doubt, if you can get people talking and posting about your company or products in a social media environment such as Twitter or Facebook, you can reap the rewards of the almost-impossible-to-measure yardstick: word of mouth. Were you to ask what ‘social […]

PayPal Takes Over Large Retail But What About Small Business?

Last year, online money-handler PayPal announced that they were delving full-bore into retail markets, creating partnerships with major retailers in order to bring the PayPal experience to retail shoppers directly in-store. We have discussed the relevance of PayPal to small businesses previously, so this step wasn’t much of a surprise for the online giant. Last […]

Start-Up Spotlight: Talibro Brings A Fresh New Look To Online Accounting Software

Each week at we will begin showcasing a new startup that is contributing something to the technology world for small businesses.  This week our spotlight is falling on Talibro, an online, double-entry accounting software as a service for small and medium sized businesses that was launched on October 16, 2012 by Talibro LLC, a US […]

Small Business Saturday: 5 Tips to Make Sure It’s Your Day To Shine

Holidays fast approaching. Christmas decorations in stores now. No news there; I even wrote a few tips on holiday sales here and there. You might still feel completely overshadowed by Big Brother Brick-and-Mortar, and rightly so. But never fear, because you actually have your own version of Black Friday on the horizon: Small Business Saturday. Black […]

A Trail of “Breadcrumbs” Leading To Restaurant Success

The power of mobile device Point Of Sale utilization is now at the fingertips of the hospitality industry – namely, restaurants, bars, cafés, and other service-oriented businesses. If this is your business and you’re looking for ways to simplify, here’s a little something for you. A few weeks ago, the deal-mecca website Groupon announced a new […]

Project Management Software: Perceive, Prioritize, Perfect

When you’re managing multiple people, or teams, keeping everything coordinated properly can be a challenge. Using a dry erase board, a notepad, or even a ‘to do’ app in your smart phone, may not be the best choices for helping you decide what needs to be done and who needs help, when. The most ideal […]

Six Simple Tips for a Saturated Holiday Sales Blitz

The holidays might be dominated by the big market companies and their Black Friday insanity, and they might start putting up Christmas trees before Halloween, but none of that means small businesses need to miss out on the maelstrom of marketing and the chance to bring in a big time customer base. The big wakes […]