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Natalie Chan leads the marketing acquisition efforts for Outbrain's Amplify self-serve product. A native from Sydney, Australia, Natalie previously managed customer acquisition at the Financial Services Institute of Australasia. Prior to this, she was a Senior Business Manager at Saatchi & Saatchi spending time in both Sydney and New York office on accounts including Sony and P&G.

3 Killer Content Marketing Insights for the Holiday Season

You may still be coming to terms with the end of the summer, but, believe it or not, the holiday season is just around the corner. This may stir up different feelings for everyone, but marketers share in at least one thought: it’s time to prepare a content marketing strategy for one of the most […]

Don’t Tell Me What To Do!: The Consequence of Pushy Content Headlines

In such a content- and noise-filled digital world, grasping reader’s attention, let alone sustaining it for even minutes at a time, can prove to be quite a challenge. Even though society claims to not judge a book by its cover, we are all sizing up a piece of content by its headline. A headline is […]

4 Tips On How To Make The Most of Earned Media

Making your earned media an effective source of new traffic can sometimes be a difficult process to manage. You have a great third party endorsement whether it be a positive review or great press coverage. But one earned media placement only goes as far as the immediate audience and it may not be the right […]

What Are Small Business Marketers Doing In 2013?

We recently shared our thoughts on how content marketing has become something of an equalizer for small businesses trying to compete in the same space as larger brands with their big budgets and seemingly unlimited resources. Rather than extract value via traditional and costly marketing channels such as display and search, content creates value for […]

Five Simple Steps To High-Quality Content

Creating high quality content means creating value to keep your audience engaged. As more small businesses move into content marketing by using their blogs, articles and videos to capture a new audience and drive more traffic, here are our must-know content creation tips: 1. Know your audience Different types of content appeal to different people. […]

Why Great Content Can Help Your Business Boost Its Sales

Why Great Content Can Help Your Business Boost Sales With the quarter coming to a close,  many of us feel the pressure in hitting those quarterly sales goals. For many businesses, that last push can often be the difference between a springboard into a strong Q2 or a more challenging year ahead. As a reactive […]