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Preetam is Freelance Business and Tech Journalist. He has written extensively on Business and Tech related issues across the globe and has written columns for various leading publications like The Business Insider, Venturebeat, Readwriteweb etc. He is a beat writer for Daily Deal Media and contributes to The Huffington Post.

How One Small Business Used Online Software To Bridge Age Gaps and Increase Productivity

The workplace, they say, is defined not just by the kind of work that’s been done but also by the people who work there day in and day out. What about the success of the business? Does it depend on the kind of people actually working on the floor? By “kind” I do not imply […]

Improve Customer Service and Save Money With A Virtual Call Center

Some of the biggest companies in the world like American Express and CitiGroup are known for the exceptional customer service they provide. If you were to study the strategies of these brands, then you could see how much importance they place on customer relationship management, or what the industry calls, CRM. In short, these big enterprises […]

It’s Official: To Edge Out The Competition, Small Businesses Need to Get Mobile

Ever since mobile devices invaded our lives, you knew that it was always in the offing: the day would come when businesses would find it impossible to function without these compact marvels of modern technology. Well, despite our best efforts to reduce our efficiency by spending endless hours on Angry Birds and the like, it […]

QuickBooks Adds Four New Features That Make Managing Your Finances Easier and Mobile

In August of this year new features for the QuickBooks Online ecosystem were introduced to the business world. This open, online financial management program allows for seamless integration with Intuit apps, third-party apps and mobile access to data. Small businesses in 130 countries and over 362,000 subscribers to the QuickBooks Online Suite have been notified of these latest updates. […]

Think That The Concept of A Company Intranet Is Dead and Useless? Think Again!

Can you really rule out a technology that was built with a sense of adaptability so that it could withstand the demands of the future? It would be wise not to. Many industry experts and tech reporters have stated that intranets, which CMOs and CIOs in big companies generally prefer, are mostly “stagnant and simply […]

Document Management and Collaboration Survey Reveals That Most Businesses Aren’t Getting It Right

A recent survey on document management by Knowledge Tree, the Raleigh, N.C. based cloud computing services company, has thrown up some interesting insights into how business efficiency is hampered when teamwork and documents are put together. The study involved 1400 customers spread across six continents.  The results imply that the current emphasis on collaboration and […]

Stock Photography Can Help Your Business: 6 Tips To Finding and Using The Right Images

In the virtual world it is all about visuals. “What you see is what you get”, as the saying goes, and an online presence is an imperative in today’s business. Even if you have in-depth and captivating textual content for your website, it pays to have some good visuals in the forms of photographs to […]

Why You Should Publish An eBook and 3 Tips To Make It Successful

Do you remember the days when you used to go out for a drive, came across a billboard with a cool product and then soon purchased it? That was conventional advertising. It still exists; the only difference is that it’s not the only medium of branding your product anymore. In this digital age, where any […]

You Don’t Need To Be A Professional Videographer To Make Great Videos – You Just Need Good Resources!

The only word that comes to mind when one talks about the internet and video uploads is ‘deluge’. Just try and fathom this piece of statistic: it is estimated that as of now, in any given minute over 72 hours worth of video files are uploaded to YouTube alone. Imagine trying to make yourself heard […]