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Dell Announces A New and Updated Commercial PC Portfolio

For more than three decades, Dell has paved the way for personal computer innovations. The PC stalwart continues to set the pace for introducing new technologies, as evident by the recent announcement the company made about the unveiling of a new line of commercial personal computers. Dell recently announced the upgrading of endpoint security protections […]

6 Tips to Help You Create Awesome Product Images for Your eCommerce Store

Before delving into the eCommerce world, I thought shooting products was easy: “You just need to grab a camera, use a bright light, and the photos will come out okay, right?” Any retailer that has tried DIY product photography knows this is not the case. Product photography is more complicated than it seems. It requires […]

Microsoft 365 Adds Enhanced Security in a New Update

Many business owners are pretty familiar with Microsoft Office 365, which launched several years ago. It was a corner stone of Microsoft Office shifting from “CD” based software installed on a computer to a cloud computing environment where Microsoft Office tools such as Word and Excel were accessed via a web browser. Launched more recently […]

Digital Checks Speed Payments and Boost Efficiency

Writing checks has been an integral part of running a small business for well over a century – as essential to an entrepreneur’s operations as turning on the lights or balancing the cash drawer. And for most of that history, hearing “the check is in the mail” was like a vote of confidence. Small business […]

Three Ways Blockchain Could Make Transactions Smoother For Your Business

  Blockchain is having its moment in the tech spotlight, and it isn’t just large enterprises that are jumping on the bandwagon. Blockchain — the shared, distributed ledger that enables the recording of transactions and the tracking of assets across a business network — is turning heads across industries because of the innovative applications it is enabling. […]

How the Recent Facebook Algorithm Change May Affect Your Business

In January of this year, Zuckerberg announced that Facebook would be making significant changes to its News Feed algorithm over the next few months. The new algorithm will prioritise content from friends, family, and groups, at the expense of public content from businesses, brands, and media organisations. Why? Zuckerberg explains that “recently we’ve gotten feedback […]

How AI is Transforming Small Businesses and a Look at Zoho AI

  For businesses with limited budgets, resources, or employees, cloud-based software can often fill in the gaps and allow smaller operations to perform with enterprise efficiency. That’s why the majority of small businesses have transitioned from storing their customer data in Excel spreadsheets to managing their entire sales cycle with an online CRM system. Working […]

8 Reasons to Use a Business VPN for Your Online Business

  VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and, it does exactly what it sounds like – it keeps your connection private, encrypted and anonymous. While there are a lot of different uses of a VPN, a regular, online business entrepreneur might think: why do I need a business VPN? A VPN masks your IP (your […]

Getting Funding Is Important. Smarter Loans Is A Service that Can Help

Many people in Canada and North America rely heavily on credit. Whether it is for a personal or commercial purpose, almost everyone at some point needs access to a loan of some kind. We’ve partnered with Smart Loans to share this sponsored review of their service with you. In Canada, there are many options to […]

Using Videos Effectively in Your Sales Process – A Guide.

If you think that video content should be placed only at the top-of-the-funnel stage you are missing out on a great opportunity. Nowadays, 82% of customers conduct research online prior to making a purchase. It is very important to build a thriving brand presence from the beginning to the end of that process and that’s […]