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Whiteboard Animation Videos. Help Your Business Create Its Brand Image

In recent years, video marketing has burgeoned in popularity and it has exploded, unlike any other digital marketing trend. Gradually, over time, it became one of the main aspects of any online marketing strategy. Numerous marketers have kept jumping on to the video marketing bandwagon and many among them are still not sure about the […]

How to Ride Holiday Sales Through January and Beyond

The holiday season is literally a sales roller coaster. In November and December you are riding high as customers eagerly search for the perfect gifts and spend liberally. Then January rolls around and you watch sales plummet as customers pinch their pennies and close their wallets. What’s a small business owner to do?   If […]

10 Important Facebook Marketing Tips Every Business Owner Needs To Know

As the largest social platform in the world, Facebook can help businesses connect with new customers, build brands and drive sales. Jeremy Howie is a Facebook Marketing expert, and gives his insight in this article. He’s a member of the Facebook 2016 SMB Council, digital marketing thought leader, and CEO of Enlightened Marketing LLC. You can […]

Financial Tips & Advice from Russ Fujioka of Xero

If you are a business owner, then you know how challenging it can be to keep your finances and accounting in order. And the larger your company grows, the more you need a system in place to help streamline this important task. One such company that is trying to help businesses with this very endeavor […]

New Staples iPhone App Feature: Interactive Store Maps Makes OmniChannel Shopping a Breeze

The growth in omnichannel shopping is bringing out creative solutions from brands like Staples, which has recently launched an innovative feature for its iPhone app that merges your online and in-store shopping experience. I recently had the opportunity to review this app, so I’ll tell you all about it below, along with some more information […]

GoDaddy Hosting & Ecommerce Helps SmallBiz Owners Set Up an Online Presence

This article was written in partnership with GoDaddy, a company that offers domain name registration as well as hosting and ecommerce services to help you develop your online presence. The phrase rings out on websites all over the Internet – if you’re a business, “you HAVE to be online!” Although most small business owners will […]

Choosing the Right POS Technology for Your Small Business

This article was written in partnership with ShopKeep, an iPad POS System used by over 20,000 small businesses in the United States and Canada. Choosing the right point of sale (POS) technology is one of the many tasks for setting up your small business, and like other areas of building your business, it is complicated […]

Is Your Business Ready for the Next Hurricane Jaoquin? 9 Things to Think About.

Hurricanes are no joke. Those of us in the North East saw the devastating damage of Hurricane Sandy. Hurricane Jaoquin thankfully missed us this season – but what if it hadn’t. Would you have been ready? The NY Times writes, that smart business owners have simple (and some complex) plans in what to do in […]

Youtube Is Powerful Way to Market Your Business. Video Tips With Ramon From Wells Fargo

Youtube is a powerful platform to share engaging video with customers and prospective customers. It’s a great way to build your brand and drive leads. Check out my interview and video with Wells Fargo Works here. Business owners, don’t need a whole lot of money, they don’t even need a whole lot of time to […]

The MYTH of Small Business Security. Powerful Video from Ramon and Microsoft Dispels the Myth

It’s a huge MYTH that only big businesses need to worry about security. Small businesses need to worry VERY much about their security. Check out the video I produced with Microsoft, here, to educate small business owners about being more secure.