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Is Your Business Ready for the Next Hurricane Jaoquin? 9 Things to Think About.

Hurricanes are no joke. Those of us in the North East saw the devastating damage of Hurricane Sandy. Hurricane Jaoquin thankfully missed us this season – but what if it hadn’t. Would you have been ready? The NY Times writes, that smart business owners have simple (and some complex) plans in what to do in […]

Youtube Is Powerful Way to Market Your Business. Video Tips With Ramon From Wells Fargo

Youtube is a powerful platform to share engaging video with customers and prospective customers. It’s a great way to build your brand and drive leads. Check out my interview and video with Wells Fargo Works here. Business owners, don’t need a whole lot of money, they don’t even need a whole lot of time to […]

The MYTH of Small Business Security. Powerful Video from Ramon and Microsoft Dispels the Myth

It’s a huge MYTH that only big businesses need to worry about security. Small businesses need to worry VERY much about their security. Check out the video I produced with Microsoft, here, to educate small business owners about being more secure.