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Video Is Amazingly Powerful. 3 Videos EVERY Small Business Must Have.

Video is SO Important. I’ve done what seems like thousands of videos over the past few years. Unfortunately, there’s many business owners who feel that video is not for them or they simply haven’t taken the time to get video done. You can use your smart phone to do a simple video, buy a cheap [...]

Increase Your Email Marketing Results With These TidBits from Mailchimp

  Big shoutout to Mailchimp for compiling some awesome research on email marketing. Here’s four nuggets of wisdom. Check out this page for all the details - Having less words in an email, with a good link, is more effective than many words. Get to the point. Don’t purchase emails. Build your own list organically [...]

Groupon Launches Mobile Credit Card Payments – The Field Gets More Competitive

The field of mobile credit card payments is getting crowded with differentiating factors harder and harder to see. While competing on transaction charges is one way to do it, I think as more and more vendors (Intuit, Square, PayPal and now GroupOn) begin to offer mobile payment solutions and even more offer payment solutions with [...]

Your Employees Are Your Best Asset For Social Media Success

As your company grows you find that you want to tighten up and control what your company publishes online, especially through social media. One of the ways to “let a thousand flowers bloom” is to open up your social media and enable employs to freely participate in corporate social engagement. Of course this can only [...]

Intuit’s Mobile Credit Card Reader Gets An Upgrade: Better Design, Better Looks

It’s annoying for the customer and business owner when a business does not accept credit cards. The business loses a sale and the customer can’t buy what they want. I’ve been writing for some time now about the ease with which any business can start processing credit cards from just about anywhere with mobile credit [...]

Local Merchants Love Groupbuying. Google Gains on GroupOn. Facebook Ads Are Slowing.

MerchantCircle provides local merchants with an easy to get online and also enables customers looking for goods and services to find local merchants. In their latest survey of local merchants they focused on group buying and the results are pretty interesting. While some studies show that end users are waning of group buying services and [...]

Economy Is Weak. Your Website Should Be Fast & Strong For A Sales Boost

Although the economy is weak, if you have not taken the time to invest in your web site you’ll find that your sales will be weak as well. When online shoppers are in a rush to buy gifts for their friends and families this holiday season they have a lot of online choices. If your [...]