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Formerly at Mashable, Sana Ahmed is a Social Technology Consultant who streamlines technology strategies for business, learning, and personal productivity. She trains digital users on how to take back their technology and get down to business! Sana also contributes to, and works on her startups in her spare time.

A Quick Walkthrough of the Linkedin Company Page

LinkedIn is the true business social networking site.  As a result, Linkedin tweaks its features for businesses to really benefit.  The LinkedIn company page has a few new enhancements that all business owners want to take advantage of. If you haven’t taken advantage of LinkedIn company pages quite yet, then this is the time to! […]

Quick Insights on Twitter’s Advertising Program

Twitter has recently ramped up its advertising program.  Twitter’s advertising page highlights the features of the program of various promotions they offer for advertisers. The screenshot below gives you an idea of how much you actually need to advertise on twitter.  The range begins at $5,000.   Twitter takes a personal approach and wants to connect […]

[Insights] Top 5 Uses for Tablets & Small Business Applications

Thanks to the late Steve Jobs, tablets are the new thing after laptops.  But, beyond its glamour, the gadget can let small businesses get down to business tasks! With competitive prices in tablets, small business owners may even be able to save on significant computer costs.  If a tablet can do the specific tasks just […]

Quick Walkthrough of Google+ Pages for Small Businesses

Google recently rolled out Google+ branded pages, similar to a Facebook page.  This Google+ feature is good news for small business owners as it allows us to create another marketing distribution channel within the social media landscape.  Google holds true to building all of its products to mesh well with one another.  More importantly, Google+ […]

The New Google+ Accounts for Small Biz Owners

Google+ has finally arrived for Google business accounts!  If you work at a company that uses business email through Gmail, this is a sigh of relief. Ever since Google+ rolled out its social network this past summer, business users constantly toggled between their personal Gmail accounts and their business Gmail access.  I know that I […]

Insights on Domain Investments for Small Business Owners

Nima Jacob Nojoumi is the owner of Venture Media, LLC and Nima.Co, a domain advisory and investment company.  By trade, Nima is a professional domain investor and consultant. In this interview, Nima sheds light on how domain investing helps small business owners market their business online. What should small business owners know about domain investing? […]

5 Tips on Creating Successful Online Media Kits for Your Biz

Online media kits are ready-made promotional materials for the service or product of a small business.  For small business owners who wear many hats, it’s important to have an online media kit for prospective clients, reporters, marketers and advertisers.  When properly done, an online media kit can save time for a small business while creating […]

What Groupon’s Shortcoming Means to Small Business Owners

The beauty of social media is that digital users are curious and willing to try new things.  Groupon was one of those tools that looked enticing for both consumers and businesses.  It’s early success seemed to come from customers wanting the most bang for their buck but at the cost of the business owners! According […]

How to Utilize Your Social Media Consultants

Are you at the stage of incorporating social media into your small business strategy?  If you’re considering using a social media consultant to guide you through your strategy, utilize your consultant in the following ways: Ask your consultants what type of social media consulting they do.  Social Media is such a broad term.  What specific […]

3 Common Social Media Pitfalls, and How to Fix Them

The pitfall of social media is that it’s so easy, that you can easily mess up your marketing with it. Especially if you’re just starting out, or are unsure of what’s going to happen with social media, it be easy to make a few mistakes. Here are three of the biggest and most common pitfalls […]