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Shashi Bellamkonda is a Speaker and Digital Marketing Expert and he is the Vice President, Digital Marketing at The Bozzuto Group whose mission statement is " the best real estate company in America." Bellamkonda is also an Adjunct faculty member of Georgetown University. After several years of enriching experience in the hospitality industry which also included being a chef, Shashi transformed his hobby of computers and technology to his career working in areas like Customer service, Program Management, Digital marketing and Social Media.

New Contact Widget from Nimble Makes Management Of Your Contact’s Easier

In the world of information overload, tools should make it easy for you to manage contacts and get all the information in one place. When you are looking for information on a business contact, you usually have to use a plethora of tools to get more information and connect with them. Last week I saw […]

Is Secure WiFi Possible? VyprVPN Economical and Secure Solution (Video Interview) #SXSW

Whether we are road warriors or not, the prospect of finding free WiFi thrills us to no end. Sometimes free WiFi can come with a cost ,there are privacy and security issues while transferring information back and forth from your computer to your network. To avoid this we should use the services of a VPN […]

PayPal Showcases Offline Payments at SXSW #PayPalIt

There are several ways that companies to market their services and products to consumers and small businesses. PayPal who we know as a payment system for online payments is showcasing their offline POS payment system at SXSW. (SXSW coverage sponsored by Infusionsoft – all in one sales and marketing CRM software for small business) Paypal is hosting […]

SXSW 2013: Video Interview with Andre Woolery, Entrepreneur and Visual Artist

SXSW had a conference track, “Blacks in Technology”, where we met with Andre Woolery, an entrepreneur and visual artist. He left an advertising career to take up art and specializes in creating digital art experiences. In this video you will see art created by Andre Woolery with 7633 push pins, a representation in art of Facebook, Angry […]

Shashi’s Video Report: SCORE Helped Create Over 80,000 Jobs Says Ken Yancey, CEO, SCORE

This is a small business interview with  Ken Yancey, CEO,  SCORE  which is a non-profit dedicated to helping small business through free mentoring programs. SCORE has over 12k volunteers and 340 chapters across the US. Yancey tells us that SCORE volunteers 82,000 new jobs and over 38,000 new businesses. An added bonus over 55,000 of […]

SXSW 2013 : Startup Loyakk Lets You Create Your Own Social Network Anywhere

Ramon Ray and I have been talking to Small Business and Startups at SXSW 2013 and we ran into the team from Here is a quick interview we took: Imagine you needed your own network for your small business based on connecting your community of customers. If you are organizing event and want to […]

SXSW 2013: Small Business Conversation With Cigna’s Tonya Marksteiner

Cigna wants to make sure their supplier base is as diversified as it’s employee base and are looking for small businesses to be partners with Cigna as suppliers. In this quick video interview Tanya Marksteiner – Supplier Diversity Manager explains their mission in recruiting small business and coaching them to get certified as a diversified […]

Small Business Day at South By South West SXSW 2013

Two days of  SXSW 2013 have passed and the word on the street is that there are over 25,000 people attending the conference. On the second day we were part of two Small Business events. SXSW SMALL BUSINESS MEETUP The first ever SXSW Small Business Meetup hosted by Ramon Ray that took place at the […]

5 Lessons On Small Business Marketing From SXSW 2013

SXSW 2013 began today and this is a great time for small business in Downtown Austin to attract a lot of customers. Austin, the city, is actually proud to be known as a city that is “weird” and what that should mean to Small Business is the word Innovative. It is very interesting to see […]

SXSW 2013: 3 Things You Will Achieve – Learning, Networking and Human Connections

There are 3 important things you are going to  achieve at large events like SXSW 2013: 1. Learn from attending the demos/panels/Keynotes 2. Networking and Accelerating your outreach to influencers by networking 3. Achieving long lasting human relationships As a 6th year attendee of SXSW, here are a few tips to achieve the 3 goals:  Plan and […]