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Vincenzo Ravina is a writer, journalist and giraffe enthusiast from Halifax, Nova Scotia. You can learn more at his website,, or follow him on Twitter at @RavinaSBT.

The Insider’s Perspective On Google+ Local: An Interview With Yodle’s Louis Gagnon

Google+ Local recently hit its one year anniversary, and it’s been a busy year over there, with upgrades and changes. If you’re not aware, Google+ Local pages can help your business connect with customers, are indexed by the search engine, and include user reviews and Zagat ratings, which can help to boost your business’s online […]

Tired of Forgetting Your Passwords? Here Are 4 Password Managers Every Business Should Consider

If your business uses a lot of Internet services, and you don’t have a password manager, you’re probably entering your login credentials much more than you need to be. It slows things down a little, or if you forget a password, it can slow things down a lot. Password managers are exactly what they sound […]

New Tool Lets You Build A Website In Seconds From Your Facebook Page

For those looking for an easy way to build a website and have it populated in seconds, a new startup called Page2Site has got an interesting approach. It works like this: 1. Do you have a Facebook page? 2. Click one button and you have a website that updates when you update your Facebook page. […]

3 Cool Smartphone Cases That Also Double Your Battery Life

The built-in battery life on our smartphones often isn’t long enough to last a full business day, especially one as long and as busy as your average tech savvy small business owner. You’ve got business apps to use and calls to make, so you need to augment that internal battery with an external one. There […]

Take Customer Service To The Next Level By Adding Live Chat To Your Website

Live chat support on your website gets you closer to your customers. Let’s say your customer wants to buy a product, but they have a question that isn’t answered on your website. The customer then has to find an email address on the site and email you, perhaps from an entirely separate site. Or they’ll […]

Two Services That Help You Document Procedures So You Can Free Up Time and Scale Your Business

Our readers are well-versed in automating business tasks and if, by this point, you’ve automated everything you can in your business, you might think that you’ve done all you can. However, there’s a way to relieve even more of your business headache! The first thing you need to do is systematize your business activities, to […]

Post Planner: It’s Like Having An On-Demand Facebook Marketing Team

Are you running a Facebook page for your brand? Need some help with content curation and time management? Take a peek at Post Planner! It’s like having an on-demand Facebook marketing team! Post Planner features a growing content library to help find content on many subjects to post, status ideas and questions to share with […]

Build A Mobile Website From Your SmartPhone In Just Minutes

It’s one thing to visit a mobile site on your smartphone, but how about building one from your smartphone as well? enables you to create a mobile website for your business in minutes using only your smartphone. You can quickly, and cheaply, build a responsive online and mobile presence and market it too. It’s […]

Finally! Analytics That Show How Mobile Users Interact With Your Website

There are a number of website analytics companies that offer more complete information on what users are doing on your website. You can get heat maps that show where people are clicking and you can see how far down people scroll on your site. It’s a lot more information than free options like Google Analytics […]

Go Paperless With Cloud Based Document Management and Save Money, Increase Efficiency And Boost Security

Going green isn’t just good for the environment. In some cases it can save you money, increase efficiency and bolster your security. Going paperless is one such example and incorporating a cloud based document management system can get you there! Companies like eFileCabinet offer cloud based and desktop document management systems as well as document […]