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Better and Easier Wifi Management with Linksys Cloud Manager

Managing a network is important, especially a wireless network. For businesses that are growing and have more than one office, they need to quickly deploy a network and get up and running. It’s also VERY important that the network is security. A secure network is imperative. Today Linksys announced the Linksys Cloud Manager, a cloud-hosted WiFi Management […]

Is It Time To Upgrade Your Wireless Access Point? New Devices From WatchGuard Boost WiFi Security

According to WatchGaurd many wireless access points are not secure, for two main reasons. Most traditional wireless network management solutions fail to stop rogue devices from connecting to their networks or block threats like wireless denial-of-service attacks. If they have a wireless intrusion protection system (WIPS), it delivers a high rate of false positives, incorrectly […]

New Network Security Appliance for Small Networks: SecuGate+

Network security is essential. Without it hackers and other evil people can access your network, malware can infect your computers and your mobile devices could be carriers of virus laden attachments. A new security solution, SecuGate+ is on the market and it looks promising. Its features include a managed security solution (so humans monitor your […]

Third Party Information Technology (IT) Professionals Can Bring Skill and Expertise To Your Business

At first glance, managing your own IT resources may appear to be your most sensible and cost-effective option. But outsourcing these responsibilities to a professional can actually mean long-term cost savings. I recently wrote and article for Wells Fargo Business Insight Resource Center and cited three tips for finding an IT provider who has a track […]

New Tips, Tools and Tech Guide Shows Businesses What They Need To Stay Connected and Organized

When running or working in a small business, very early on you’ll learn (occasionally the hard way!) that communication is tantamount to productivity. If you can’t communicate with clients, partners, or suppliers, your business is basically in a stasis that can’t produce much. I work at a business that often needs to make calls every […]

Small Businesses Cutting IT Spending Could Be Cutting Their Own Throats

A line in the 1970 classic song “Ball of Confusion,” by the Temptations, could easily be describing life for small businesses in 2011: “Fear in the air, tension everywhere!” The American economy is built on consumer confidence, right now, it’s pretty hard to be confident. Maybe you’re out of work or a family member is looking […]