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Deliver Better Customer Service By Creating A Contact Center In The Cloud

A component of virtually every successful business is often an adequate contact center that responds to customer concerns. While you may not have the money for a full-blown PBX IP solution just for three or four people, there is a way to get champagne with a beer budget: Leverage the cloud and adopt communication as […]

Two Solutions That Turn Your Smartphone Into A Conferencing System

The fact that companies haven’t focused much attention into creating solutions that take advantage of smartphones and transform them into conferencing systems is kind of puzzling. A vast amount of smart business owners around the globe use smartphones. The trend now is to replace land lines with these portable and easily accessible devices. So, why […]

Improve Customer Service and Save Money With A Virtual Call Center

Some of the biggest companies in the world like American Express and CitiGroup are known for the exceptional customer service they provide. If you were to study the strategies of these brands, then you could see how much importance they place on customer relationship management, or what the industry calls, CRM. In short, these big enterprises […]

3 Ways Technology Can Help You To Remain “Open” During A Major Disaster

Hurricane Sandy had a devastating effect on many businesses all along the East coast, not just due to a loss of basic utilities, but because many businesses lack even a basic contingency plan for a worst case scenario. While many small business owners think that they are too small for contingency planning, in today’s day […]

Throw Out Your Old Phone System. Upgrade to VOIP. Laugh At The Next Storm.

Hurricane Sandy, Katrina and storms often bring with them tremendous financial, personal, business and other losses. People die. People lose their businesses. Hurricane Sandy, which hit NY, teaches businesses owners, yet again, the important of preparing for disasters. One thing that was made very clear during hurricane Sandy, was that those business owners with traditional […]

Tech Thursday (10/4): AT&T SYN248™ Phone System * Citibank® Small Business Pulse Survey * Dell Unveils New Business PC’s

New AT&T SYN248™ Phone System   Citibank® Small Business Pulse Finds Sales Growth Isn’t Enough to Keep Cash Flowing   Dell Unveils New Business PCs Designed for the Evolving Workforce       Flexible New AT&T SYN248™ Phone System Gives Small/Medium-Sized Businesses A Jump Start For Growth   Versatile Office Phone Delivers Cost-Effective Solution with […]