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4 Simple Ways to Make Your Next Conference Call More Productive and Crystal Clear

In today’s world of the telecommuter and virtual worker, conference calls are a constant, crucial form of business communication. While technology has given us the ability to make these conference calls more dynamic by connecting dozens of folks via video, the reality is that audio conferencing is the most affordable way to conduct a conference […]

The 10 Best Conference Call Services for Entrepreneurs

What are your favorite VOIP or conference call services (for calls, not necessarily video/meetings) and why? The following answers are provided by the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), an invite-only organization comprised of the world’s most promising young entrepreneurs. In partnership with Citi, the YEC recently launched #StartupLab, a free virtual mentorship program that helps millions […]

Three Solutions That Let You Control Your Video Conference From Your Keyboard

Video conferencing systems are opening up communication between small businesses and their clients, preventing the need to travel in order to have a face-to-face conversation. As technology has evolved, however, businesses are still struggling to launch and manage phone calls, whether they’re video-chatting from their cubicles or launching a video call in a conference room […]

Video Conference Etiquette: The Simple Do’s and Dont’s

Companies large and small are now seeing both the productive and financial benefits of video conferencing for their meetings. Not only does video conferencing cut down the budget for expensive business trips, it also allows for more engaging interaction and input from peers across the globe that may not have been available to contribute otherwise. […]

Three Small Businesses That Pulled It All Together Using Collaboration Technology

Swerve Driving School had a problem. The driving school with locations in California and Washington was growing quickly. With so many projects, Swerve staff needed a way to easily manage multiple projects and collaborate without sitting around a conference table for hours each day. Enter Liquid Planner. Swerve Driving School has approximately ten daily users, […]

4 Benefits Of Webcasts For Small Business and Tips On How To Do It Right! (Infographic)

My colleague Stephanie Faris recently wrote an informative article on webcasting options available for small businesses today.  Whether it’s live streaming or on-demand videos, webcasting is being used by companies of different sizes for creating impact in meetings and events. Depending on the nature of business, webcasts can be used to promote products and service, […]

7 Things To Look For In Web Conferencing and Three Companies Who Strive To Provide

Despite the amazing strides that cloud providers have made to ensure a proper future for small businesses around the world, their efforts in web conferencing have been unexceptional. Small providers’ efforts in this camp have gone mostly unnoticed, and most businesses have been focusing their energies in using “tried and true” platforms such as Skype […]

Is Skype Dead? What Small Businesses Need to Know About Video

Technology has globalized the workforce, providing new opportunities for companies that might not have otherwise been able to work together. A business owner in Ohio can hire a specialized worker in Japan without spending a dime on travel, all thanks to the ability to have face-to-face communication using little more than a couple of pieces […]

Two Video Conferencing Tools To Meet Different Business Needs

Video conferencing is a great tool for keeping engaged and productive when you’re not around, and reaching out to disparate groups of people. If you’re a busy business owner, video conferencing can be a lifesaver and a very necessary connection to your employees. There are a lot of fantastic, robust tools out there that make […]

Work Is Not A Place: Why Flexible Work Options Work

When Yahoo! decided to axe their work-from-home options for their employees, we talked about best practices for making work-from-home work. But we didn’t talk about the benefits of flexible work options for your employees. Citrix Senior Vice President, Brett Caine, recently noted in a blog post that “today’s workplace is increasingly not about a specific place […]