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Top Ten Cities for Online Small Business According to PayPal

PayPal recently unveiled the Top Ten Cities for Online Small Business in the United States, based on total payment value of it’s current customer base. This is the first time ever that Paypal has revealed such data relative to it’s small business services. The Top Ten list, compiled by the online transactions giant, names Manhattan as the […]

Website visitor survey

Four Benefits of Adding a Website Visitor Survey to Your Site

Customer satisfaction is everything in business. But understanding what customer’s want and how they would react to any changes in pricing, product, promotion and packaging (Phillip Kotler’s 4 P’s of marketing), can be unnerving for any new business owner.Traditional survey methodologies like customer-interviews or panel discussions can be time-consuming and expensive. And while social media is a great […]

What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger: Entrepreneurship and Recession and How The Different Generations Handle It

Going through a recession is tough on everyone; however, small business owners bare a special burden. Reduced cash flow, decreases in demand, and budget constraints all make it difficult for entrepreneurs to survive in rough economic times. But when they do, we are eager to hear what these business owners have learned from their experience […]

Dell Survey: Owners Optimistic About Small Business Growth and Investing in Technology

There’s something incredibly resilient about Americans, who despite downfalls, tend to remain positive about the country and its economic potential. Recently, reports showed increased optimism among consumers, with the consumer confidence index for May hitting a five-year high. According to a new Dell research study about small businesses, these sentiments are echoed by small business […]

The Mobile Divide: Survey Shows Split Between Small Businesses Using and Avoiding Mobile Technology

Mobile technology usage has skyrocketed in recent years, changing the way consumers communicate and access the internet, and the way companies do business. In fact, many research groups have been projecting that in just a year or two there will be more mobile internet users than desktop users. Large companies have tuned into this changing […]