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HACKENSACK - JULY 11: Shoppers walk past a Target department sto

Holiday Free Shipping Battle: Target Takes on Amazon and Why Your Business Should Care

As the holiday season approaches, both brick and mortar and online retailers are looking for every advantage they can get to secure their piece of the sales pie. For small businesses, this can be a huge task as the big dogs, like Amazon, Target, Walmart and others, dominate sales due to their size. But, even […]

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Boost Your Local Online Marketing and Help Customers Find You

With more and more consumers now turning to the internet for local searches, small businesses have more opportunities than ever to connect. With a few simple improvements to your online presence, you can make it easier for local customers to find your business easily. I recently wrote an article for Well Fargo and their Wells […]

CBS Radio Exec and Ramon

CBS Radio Says Hyper Local Marketing Is The Next Big Thing (Plus $25,000 Makeover Contest)

The space for local marketing is heating up – in fact it’s boiling. There’s local marketing consultants and agencies who are vying to help small businesses use Yelp, Foursquare, Google Local, Facebook and every other local marketing venue available. (Want to win $25,000 in local marketing? This contest is for you!) Then you have companies […]

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5 Steps to Guide Your Next Local Marketing Campaign (plus The $25k Makeover Contest)

Finding new customers is a huge task for any small business, but it’s especially difficult if you run a local business that requires local marketing to customers from a limited geographic area. This fact is well known and well cited – and it’s actually what motivated the $25,000 Marketing Makeover contest that we talked about […]

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Building a Lifestyle Brand: Todd Tesoro of Ivy Prepster Shares Tips at Wix Small Business Breakfast (Video)

Were you able to attend the last Wix Small Biz Breakfast on June 11th? We were able to have an informative conversation with Todd Tesoro, founder of Ivy Prepster, and he shared his thoughts and ideas on building a lifestyle brand. I know some of you weren’t able to make it, so I’ve uploaded the […]

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Starbucks New Technology Offering Serves As Great Lesson in Innovation. Here are 5 Innovative Ideas for Your Business!

Starbucks is launching new technology in their coffee shops. Believe it or not, this technology has nothing to do with the coffee business, but it WILL bring in more sales. The technology is a new tabletop phone charging system. The technology is designed so that customers can set their cell phone down on a designated […]

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Local Business Leads: Quality, Conversion and ROI – Interview with ReachLocal CEO Sharon Rowlands

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Sharon Rowlands, CEO at ReachLocal, to discuss the importance of local marketing for small business, how to generate more local business leads and, more importantly convert those leads to actual sales. One of the factors we discussed is how to not only generate effective business leads, […]


Foursquare 101: 10 Ways to Use Foursquare to Grab Local Customers and Boost Your Business

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Nina Yiamsamatha, who’s part of the small business marketing team at Foursquare. For those who don’t know what Foursquare is – it’s a mobile app that people use to find places to go – and it’s a very powerful tool for small business! Foursquare is an amazingly powerful […]


Pinterest Is More Than Images: 5 Ways To Optimize Pinterest for Local Search

We already know how great Pinterest is for e-commerce sites, big brands and adorable babies, but what about local businesses? While Pinterest might not seem like the most obvious choice, with these 5 tips, a Pinterest page will be fully optimized for finding fans through localized search. Danny Maloney, CEO of Tailwind (Pinterest analytics company) offers his […]