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The Pros and Cons of Remote Work and Combating Loneliness Among Telecommuters

Today’s small businesses rarely look like the quaint mom-and-pops of 50 years ago. From basement-run carpentry workshops to home-office design studios, small-business headquarters can be anywhere their employees are, from the living room to the local Starbucks. For some small businesses, remote work is essential for balancing the budget. Office spaces are expensive to rent, […]

Using Technology to Keep Employees Connected and Productive through the Winter

  During winter, employees might be finding it difficult to stay plugged in at work. Kicking off the cold weather with the holidays, then entering the new year with the flu season and an inevitable slew of snow and ice storms, business owners are turning to cloud-based technology to maintain employee productivity. Cloud-based services, including cloud unified communication […]

Living Remotely - Best Tools, Tips and Services for a Life on the Road

Living Remotely – Best Tools, Tips and Services for a Life on the Road

Thanks to technology, today’s business landscape is completely different than it was a decade ago. Advances in technology and connectivity have made it possible for people to work from just about anywhere in the world. Because of this we’ve seen huge cultural changes in large companies that embrace telecommuting policies and many businesses and industries […]

Modern Technology Debunks Small Business Myths

There are a whole lot of small business myths out there that are just no longer true in today’s technologically advanced world. In order to debunk these myths, I’ve teamed up with Microsoft to create a series of videos that will help educate and inform small business owners. What kind of myths are we talking […]

Bye, Bye Telecommuting: 5 Tips on Reentering The Workplace and 12 Tips on Making It Productive, Pleasurable and Professional

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has made the return of teleworkers to the office a hot topic of coverage. We’ve covered it here at Smallbiztechnology and shared our thoughts on the Telecommuting Debate Pro’s and Con’s and shared tips on how you teleworkers can succeed outside of the corporate office.  Ultimately, though, we are seeing that workers are […]

Two Video Conferencing Tools To Meet Different Business Needs

Video conferencing is a great tool for keeping engaged and productive when you’re not around, and reaching out to disparate groups of people. If you’re a busy business owner, video conferencing can be a lifesaver and a very necessary connection to your employees. There are a lot of fantastic, robust tools out there that make […]