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Living Remotely - Best Tools, Tips and Services for a Life on the Road

Living Remotely – Best Tools, Tips and Services for a Life on the Road

Thanks to technology, today’s business landscape is completely different than it was a decade ago. Advances in technology and connectivity have made it possible for people to work from just about anywhere in the world. Because of this we’ve seen huge cultural changes in large companies that embrace telecommuting policies and many businesses and industries […]

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Modern Technology Debunks Small Business Myths

There are a whole lot of small business myths out there that are just no longer true in today’s technologically advanced world. In order to debunk these myths, I’ve teamed up with Microsoft to create a series of videos that will help educate and inform small business owners. What kind of myths are we talking […]


Bye, Bye Telecommuting: 5 Tips on Reentering The Workplace and 12 Tips on Making It Productive, Pleasurable and Professional

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has made the return of teleworkers to the office a hot topic of coverage. We’ve covered it here at Smallbiztechnology and shared our thoughts on the Telecommuting Debate Pro’s and Con’s and shared tips on how you teleworkers can succeed outside of the corporate office.  Ultimately, though, we are seeing that workers are […]

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Two Video Conferencing Tools To Meet Different Business Needs

Video conferencing is a great tool for keeping engaged and productive when you’re not around, and reaching out to disparate groups of people. If you’re a busy business owner, video conferencing can be a lifesaver and a very necessary connection to your employees. There are a lot of fantastic, robust tools out there that make […]


Generating A New Workforce And Controlling Your Operation In The Cloud

During a crisis, something unique happens in the United States: Businesses adapt to changes in the economic and political climate and manage to adapt. New solutions appear in the marketplace that cater to businesses that are suffering and provides them with ways of mitigating their problems to maintain operational sustainability while ensuring that their customers […]

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Work Is Not A Place: Why Flexible Work Options Work

When Yahoo! decided to axe their work-from-home options for their employees, we talked about best practices for making work-from-home work. But we didn’t talk about the benefits of flexible work options for your employees. Citrix Senior Vice President, Brett Caine, recently noted in a blog post that “today’s workplace is increasingly not about a specific place […]


Working From Home? Here’s 5 Ways Telecommuters Can Succeed Working Outside the Corporate Office

Those of us who telecommute and work from home have lots of benefits, on one hand, but we also have lots of challenges that our colleagues at “corporate headquarters”  don’t face. They have quick access to technology help and they can even get that informal “chat” from peers at the virtual “water cooler” Dan Waldinger, […]


Accessing Work Computers From A Mobile Device Could Reduce BYOD Burden

Smartphones have infiltrated the workplace and there’s practically nothing we can do about it but adapt. This presents an enormous security risk since data from your business can go into employees’ private hands. While you may not be worried about employee sabotage, you should be worried about unintended data breaches by employee phones that are […]

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Three Must Have Solutions For A Virtual Team: Communication, Collaboration and File Share

Working in an office is great, but thanks to technology some jobs find offices obsolete and they see it only as an expense which they don’t need. Most of them have decided to ditch the classic office scenario and replace it with working from home or some other place more conducive to where each individual […]