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3 Easy Steps to Home or Office Automation and Energy Saving with the Staples Connect

In honor of Earth Week, we spent some time looking for cool tools and tech that is making a difference not only in our lives, but to the world as a whole – by saving energy and natural resources. The one thing that came to mind was home automation – the automatic electronic control of […]

From The Basketball Court To The Dairy Farm To Manufacturing Pet Supplies, Filemaker’s Customizable Solutions Are Helping Businesses

There are more and more apps, that claim to simplify business processes, coming online daily.  Many of them are sensational, while others aren’t worth the time it takes to download.  With most, you are limited to what is offered in the app with not much say-so from you, the user.  Thankfully, that is not so with FileMaker.  […]

3 Out Of 10 Business People Have Closed A Deal With A Text Message – Survey Reveals How Cell Phones Have Transformed Our Lives

This month marks the 40th anniversary of the first handheld cellular telephone call. Motorola’s Martin Cooper made the first call to his rival over at Bell, presumably to gloat. The first commercially available cell phone weighed 2 pounds and cost almost $4,000. We’ve come a long way in the size, weight, cost and capabilities of […]

There’s A Storm A Coming! 4 Key Points To Know About Emergency SMS/Voice Broadcast Systems

While the devastation of blizzards, tornados, hurricanes, floods, and other natural disasters is tremendous, there are many stories of lives saved by receiving quick notification of approaching storms and dangerous situations through Emergency Short Message Service (SMS) and Voice Broadcast Systems.  Receiving a heads-up via text messaging when most other means of communication are down […]