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New HP Officejet X Series Changes The Way We Look At Business Printing

When thinking about efficiency and productivity in your business and areas you can easily improve, you might first think about your employees, software, and apps. But when was the last time you thought about your printer? It may not be the first thing to pop into your mind, but it’s time to change that thinking, […]


Should Small Business Buy Refilled Ink Cartridges? HP’s Answer Might Surprise You.

In an understandable effort to save money, many small business owners have considered and/or used refilled ink cartridges for their inkjet or laserjet printers. If they’re not “refilled”, I know many folks have bought printing ink (toner) supplies that are not manufactured by their original manufacturer. I think part of this debate could be like religion and […]

John Wandishin, VP Marketing, Brother International

Technology Does Not Have To Intimidate, If You Buy It With Thoughtful Planning, Says Brother Printer Exec

John Wandishin, VP of Marketing, Brother International discusses how small business owners don’t have to be intimidated by technology. He also advised to not buy technology without knowing what you want to do with technology. Don’t just by a tablet for the sake of buying i, for example,  but have a clear business purpose in mind […]