Small Businesses Struggling To Keep Up With Web Evolution – Infographic

I have often wondered, for all the talk of importance of social media marketing today, of how affordable and accessible internet marketing has become, what really lies at the heart of marketing efforts of most small businesses? Are small business owners really convinced on the potential online marketing holds for them? And what are the […]

Mobile Advertising: Google vs. Facebook

Mobile advertising is a relatively new space, but it’s growing very quickly, as phones and other mobile devices are becoming more and more ubiquitous. Mobile advertising may soon overtake desktop advertising as we enter a post-PC age. We’ve taken a look at social network advertising, now let’s examine your mobile advertising options. Facebook and Google […]

Big Data (aka Business Intelligence) Part 1: Big Data Can Mean Big Bucks for Small Business

Trends and numbers are always around us, but for many business owners vital information often goes unnoticed because most professionals simply don’t know how to fully use the data they have. Business intelligence is a relatively new field which allows businesses to collect, maintain, and organize knowledge pertaining to virtually any field imaginable. Samples of […]