App of the Week: TribeHR

Small business owners and employees are often tasked with many different roles such as marketing, accounting, sales and HR duties. But thanks to cloud-based applications, small businesses can now automate certain functions to help make up for the lack of staff within their company. TribeHR is one such solution that affordably organizes and streamlines human […]

App of the Week: Zendesk

We all want satisfied customers, but businesses may be at serious risk if they do not invest in the right type of customer service solutions.  After all, unhappy  customers today can reach thousands of potential customers more easily than ever before by simply logging onto the Internet and drafting their own reviews.  Given this trend, […]

App of the Week: GoBook

You can order a pizza, reserve movie tickets, and even watch a movie online. But, for most consumers, making appointments for haircuts and medical visits still requires a phone call. For small businesses, setting up a website that connects to your office’s electronic appointment system can be expensive and daunting. This week’s App of the […]