Try These 5 Simple and Effective Ways to Use QR Codes

Have you noticed that QR (quick response) codes are becoming much more common? If you don’t know what I’m talking about, QR codes are those little squares of black and white squiggles. People scan them with their smartphones and the codes automatically bring up a web page, photo, phone number, video, music, or text. This […]

How to Deal With Google Search Results Page Changes

Google is always the elephant in the room when we’re talking about the success or failure of our websites. Any changes the behemoth makes are studied, scrutinized and discussed, ad nauseam, so I was more than a little interested when my Google search results screen looked slightly different. At first I wondered if it was […]

Epic Fail: Ignore Video Content Marketing

“There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.” – Benjamin Disraeli. The two-time British prime minister said that in the 19th century and when statistics come from the mouths of politicians, he’s probably right on target. However, when we’re looking at business trends, statistics tend to more closely reflect the truth and […]

5 Cool Content Marketing Tools to Help Your Business Spread Ideas and Get Attention

What I love about content marketing is that there are so many tools and apps out there to help small businesses do more with less effort. We’re all strapped for time and cash, so any tool that can maximize marketing results is worth giving a second look. When it comes to trying to spread your […]