4 Reasons You Want Your Call Center Employees Working from Home

As small businesses struggle to gain a competitive edge in today’s business world, business owners are turning to their customer service staff. By providing personal, hands-on attention to each of their customers, a small business can set themselves apart from local and even online competitors selling the same products or services. According to research by […]

There’s A Storm A Coming! 4 Key Points To Know About Emergency SMS/Voice Broadcast Systems

While the devastation of blizzards, tornados, hurricanes, floods, and other natural disasters is tremendous, there are many stories of lives saved by receiving quick notification of approaching storms and dangerous situations through Emergency Short Message Service (SMS) and Voice Broadcast Systems.  Receiving a heads-up via text messaging when most other means of communication are down […]

The Evolution of Printers: A Look At Printers for Every Small Business Need

As offices have increasingly steered toward achieving paper-free status, one thing has become glaringly apparent. We’ll always have a need for printing. In fact, many offices have sought printers that will take care of tasks normally outsourced to professional printing companies, while also adding printers that can perform in other capacities, such as faxing, scanning, […]

The ‘Transporter’ Moves From Kickstarter Project to Providing Private File Sharing for Free

Until recently, small businesses interested in file sharing and online collaboration had only a couple of solutions. They could e-mail documents back and forth, but that method is time-consuming and prone to errors. Or they could put files in the Cloud, trusting service providers to keep data safe while paying top dollar for storage. Santa […]

Five Technology Tools to Help Small Businesses Retain Customers

Attracting new customers requires a considerable investment from businesses. First, there’s the cost of marketing and advertising, not to mention the time spent strategizing how to reach consumers. If those customers decide to do business with you, you must then work hard to win them over, including potentially offering coupons for return visits. It’s not […]

Webinars and Online Meetings: A Guide To What Every Small Business Needs To Know

It seems like a great idea. Using modern technology, a small business owner can host an online meeting and reach out to people all around the world. But it isn’t enough to merely announce an online meeting. Success or failure depends on how well the meeting host prepares. Luckily, many small businesses have learned from […]

The Best Technology for Small Clinics and Doctor’s Offices

As talk of tablets and Cloud computing hits the small business sector, one industry that is left out of discussions is the medical field. But doctors, dentists, and their staff members need access to the best tools available to serve their patients. To avoid falling behind the competition, small clinics and medical offices must stay […]