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An Inside Look at the Capital One Small Business Growth Index: Results That Can Improve Your Hiring Retention

Last month, Capital One released their Small Business Growth Index, a biannual survey of 500 small business owners that evaluates attitudes towards individual business growth, industry conditions, and the economy as a whole. Based on the survey, we reported on the most significant issues facing small business owners today. Last month, we shared with you […]

New Comcast 4-Part Webinar Reveals How to Use Tech to Get a Competitive Advantage

New Comcast 4-Part Webinar Reveals How to Use Tech to Gain a Competitive Advantage

The right technology can give you a competitive advantage over your business competition – but knowing what the right tech is, as well as how to use it, is always a challenge for small business owners. Fortunately, Comcast has created a new 4-part webinar series to dig into this topic and share the tips you […]

Small Business Fear Competition: But It’s Not Big Companies ShopKeep Survey Reveals

You might think that small businesses fear competition from business businesses. However a ShopKeep survey shows that’s not the case. Small businesses have a bigger concern for other competing small businesses, the economy and more. The Shopkeep survey reads: Despite these looming concerns, small business owners are historically a confident group, with the SSBI revealing that […]

Marketing Strategies to Crush Your Competition: Interview with Marketing Expert David Newman

Who out there would love to run circles around their competition when it comes to marketing and sales? Of course you do! But what if what you’ve been doing hasn’t helped you reach that goal? Then it’s time to sit back and listen to the tips of David Newman – the marketing expert who can teach you […]

A Winner Is Crowned: The Exciting Conclusion of the StartupBus Entrepreneurial Competition and a Look at the Top 7 Ideas

Last week we wrote about the 2014 StartupBus competition, a 3-day journey where entrepreneurs around the US and Mexico boarded buses, formed teams, and hurried to create a start-up business in just 3 days. The buses reached Texas on March 4, and on March 6th a winner was finally crowned. There were actually three judging […]

(Webinar 9/26) Roundtable Discussion: Beating the Competition as a Small Business Owner

Navigating the ever changing world of small business is tough. Modern technology and empowered customers have changed the way small business owners market their business and communicate with prospects and customers. What might have worked for you five years ago doesn’t work today and that might leave you open to losing customers to the competition. […]

Big Data (aka Business Intelligence) Part II: Size Up Your Business With A Few Clicks

Running a business is never easy. Between dealing with customers, competitors, partners, and vendors it becomes difficult to strategize effectively. Sure, being busy might make you feel productive, but there is a fine line between busy work and worthwhile work. Fortunately, the problem can be solved by harnessing the power of big data  so you […]

Your Competition Will Use Tech To Beat You: 4 Ways You Can Fight Back – Lessons From Google Travel

Read the full article on OPEN Forum Travel-industry companies and advocates are complaining that Google is abusing its power, according to The Wall Street Journal. Because Google controls the search market, which it has done through better innovation and timing than its competitors, detractors say it must limit the other products or services it offers. This […]