Email Marketing Wars: ReachMail Takes A Shot At The Competition With Free Email Campaign

Compared to all possible methods of promoting your business through the internet, such as search engine marketing, online advertising and social media marketing, email marketing is believed to be one of the most efficient, effective and budget friendly. Email marketing can be used create awareness of a product or service, announce promotions or simply strengthen […]

Boost Your Bottom Line With These Two Essential Online Marketing Tips

Email marketing leader Constant Contact has recently released a list containing a set of insights and trends for small businesses for 2013. These trends revolve around the emergence of SoLoMo (the integration of social media, local merchants using location-aware technology, and mobile device usage), which allows merchants to tailor their marketing efforts – such as […]

Email Marketing Is Not Enough Says Gail Goodman (Constant Contact): Engagement Marketing

Most every small business has an email newsletter of some type. Maybe not your average laundromat but just about everyone else has some sort of email newsletter. Constant Contact has the lion’s share of email newsletter customers. Gail Goodman, founder of Constant Contact recently released a book, “Engagement Marketing: How Small Business Wins In A […]

Four Reasons Constant Contact’s SinglePlatform Service Is Important To Your Business: Write Once Publish Many

It’s worth repeating, that Constant Contact started out as a simple service to help small businesses send email marketing campaigns. Today it does a lot more – including surveys, events, local deals and more. Last week Constant Contact announced the purchase of SinglePlatform a service to help small businesses publish once and ensure their local listing […]

Connect With Your Customers: Tips On Delivering What They Want and Avoiding What Turns Them Away

Yesterday’s consumers showed their love for their favorite local businesses by coming in and supporting them with their hard earned dollars. Those local businesses showed their respect for their customers by offering unique customer service and special deals. A new study (done by the research firms Chadwick Martin Bailey and Constant Contact) finds 21st century […]

Small Business Summit 2012 in New York

5 Reasons Event Management Software Is A Must and Four Event Services To Consider

Constant Contact’s event management service has recently been upgraded with some new features. If you are NOT using an event management service to handle attendee registration (and more) you’re simply wasting your time and operating inefficiently. I’ve been using Eventbrite’s excellent event management service for years, to manage the Small Business Summit and other events. Constant Contact […]

5 Small Business Power Brokers That Matter: Intuit, Google, Facebook, Apple, Constant Contact, Word Press

There are not many software companies, selling to small businesses, who can lay claim to having millions or hundreds of thousands of customers – much less small business customers. Constant Contact is well on its way to having one million customers, Intuit has millions of customers in its arsenal, including QuickBooks, Facebook is replacing Google […]