App Of The Week: Ringya

Your phone is a powerful tool, but perhaps not powerful enough when it comes to manually inputting contacts from a printed list. The whole process can get boring and it’s really easy to put it all off. One day, you find yourself without that contact list and one of the contacts decides to ring you […]

Fippex Manages Both Your Clients and Your Content in One Place

Contact management software is nothing new to small businesses, so when a company comes onto the scene, many SMBs are skeptical. What could this new service possibly have to offer that current companies don’t? Fippex is a Cloud-based solution that not only organizes your contact list, but provides data on the information you share with […]

Reachable Creates Customized Database for Your Small Business

Small businesses today need to keep track of customers and colleagues. But for many smal businesses, contact lists can be spread over several electronic devices, not to mention old-fashioned paper address books and Post-It notes. Further complicating matters, small businesses also subscribe to online databases like to find new contacts. Rather than searching an […]