Smart Hustle Recap: Entrepreneur Advice to Grow Your Small Business

Smart Hustle Recap: The Importance of Existing Customers, Surcharging Credit Cards, & More!

What part of the sales funnel does your business focus on? Are you constantly looking for and finding new leads? Or is your main goal to nurture your existing leads, so they become customers? Or do you make your existing customers the spotlight of your sales and marketing efforts? Clearly, there is something to be […]

credit card swipe

Why Credit Card Swipe Wars Are A Trojan Horse For Small Business Mobile Payments

So is the latest company to offier a credit card swipe processing system to small businesses. Other vendors include Square, Intuit, PayPal, Apriva and others. The mobile payments market is big and large companies want to ensure small businesses are using their services. The big difference these vendors offer is the fees they charge […]

8 Steps To Ensuring Your Customer Credit Card Transactions Are Secure and Compliant

Brought to you by AVG Technologies, the provider of Internet and mobile security, privacy and optimization to 150 million active users. There’s nothing small about small business in our eyes. Get more information how AVG can help your small business stay protected – go to .   Good businesses have good reputations. To ensure that you remain […]