Smart Hustle Recap: Increase Your Likability, E-commerce Tools, and More!

Smart Hustle Recap: Increase Your Likability, E-commerce Tools, and More!

Dave Kerpen is the expert of likability. CEO of the appropriately named Likeable Local, he has written several bestselling books on the art of becoming more likable, including how likeability improves your power, influence, and business success. Since people buy from those whom they know, like and trust, a simple lesson on likability can help […]

Finally: A Simple Solution for Preventing Fraud

In today’s economically challenged environment, businesses are getting more and more creative in what they offer in the way of discounts to targeted groups such as the military or college students.  Unfortunately, these types of special offerings open the doors for some people fraudulently claiming to be a member of the discounted group.   Thankfully for […]

“No-Reply@” Do’s And Dont’s

Everyone tells you to interact as much as you can with your customers, but they never tell you what kind of mailing system to set up to achieve this. An astonishing amount of people resort to the “no-reply” convention to solve this issue without getting bombarded with replies on their inboxes. A “no-reply” solution involves […]

Learn How Mobility Could be Part of Your Business Growth in 3 Minutes (Video)

It seems that ‘mobility’ and ‘mobile marketing’ are some of the new buzzwords in business. Buzzwords will come and go, but the impact of mobile devices will not. As consumers and professionals become more accustomed to doing things on the go and to using mobile devices as primary computing tools, small businesses need to figure […]

Build a Relationship with Your Customers in 3 Minutes (Video)

Relationships are hard, and relationships with your customers aren’t any easier than a relationship with a friend, spouse, or family member. Tyler Garns, vice president of marketing with Infusionsoft, explains a few easy ways to keep those customer relationships going. Here are the key takeaways from the video below: – Automation is something that small […]