Cyber Theft Is On The Rise. Insure Your Small Business to Ensure Peace of Mind.

The growing incidence of cyber attacks on smartphones has been making news for a while now.  With Android devices constituting 72 percent of the smartphone market and iOS devices constituting 15 percent, the former category has been the main target of mobile Malware. Although the practice of ‘jail-breaking IOS devices’ to install applications not available […]

Learn To Protect Your Business From a Security Breach

Guarding Against A Data Breach It’s not only big companies that are the target of hackers and susceptible to security breaches, your small business is just as vulnerable to these data ‘thiefs’.  According to a recent report released by Verizon, nearly three-quarters of data breaches analyzed in 2011 involved businesses with 100 employees or fewer. How do […]

Carbonite Small Business Backup

Carbonite Offers Data Peace of Mind: A Solid Solution for Small Biz

In today’s day and age, virtually every small business relies on computers to some degree, however, many small businesses do not protect their data sufficiently. According to a recent survey of U.S. Small Businesses, nearly 40% of participants said they have lost data due to hardware or software issues, and one third of that segment […]

Online Computer Backup

Simplified Backups for Small Business: Carbonite and Backup My Info!

For business owners, the information age has been a bittersweet mix of increased productivity while also balancing ways to preserve mission critical data and files.  Despite an increasing reliance on technology, many companies lack a sufficient disaster recovery plan when it comes to their systems. Although CD/DVD’s, flash drives, external drives, and even tape devices […]

Protect your Small Business with Email Encryption

Today many small businesses are using their websites to gather customer information, exchanging emails with sensitive and private details information regarding customers. This email communication can include details about the customer such as the name, address, phone number, bank account details and credit card numbers. Many small and medium sized companies conduct transactions and business […]