Ware2Go: UPS Launches Flexible Warehouse Fulfillment Solutions

The industry of e-commerce is on the rise. While already crucial to a business’s financial success, efficient e-commerce practices are predicted to become more and more essential in a society that expects goods to be purchased conveniently and delivered quickly. According to leading market research provider Statista, 360.3 billion US dollars worth of physical goods […]

Amazon Heats Up the Competition with New One-Hour Delivery Service: Prime Now

The convenience of online shopping has created a whole new level of competition for not only online retailers but local retailers as well.  The luxury of shopping in your pajamas from home has made online shopping the more convenient choice however, it has not been able to trump the advantage of immediacy that offline retailers provide. Amazon, however […]

Building a Lifestyle Brand: Todd Tesoro of Ivy Prepster Shares Tips at Wix Small Business Breakfast (Video)

Were you able to attend the last Wix Small Biz Breakfast on June 11th? We were able to have an informative conversation with Todd Tesoro, founder of Ivy Prepster, and he shared his thoughts and ideas on building a lifestyle brand. I know some of you weren’t able to make it, so I’ve uploaded the […]

The New Ways Yahoo! is Helping Small Businesses Gain Visibility

Small businesses are always looking for ways to gain visibility in an increasingly competitive business world. Recognizing this, more companies than ever are realizing the value of helping the country’s many small businesses succeed. After all, small business success has a direct impact on the economy, since more than half of American employees work in […]

Tech Thursday (9/26): Small Business and Technology News from Verio, StopTheHacker, comScore, UPS and Neat

It’s Tech Thursday from Smallbiztechnology.com. Each week we take a quick look at recent small business and technology news and updates for the small business community and share them with you in a quick and simple round-up.        Verio and StopTheHacker Team-up to Offer SMBs Free Website Security Reports   Website Security Reports […]

5 Tips for Improving the Digital Marketing Strategy for Your Business

As the owner / marketing head of a growing enterprise you are undoubtedly well-acquainted with the potential that digital marketing holds for your business. But as you assess your marketing strategy, how do you evaluate whether you are investing adequately in digital marketing or using the right digital communication tools? A recent survey on digital marketing efforts […]

Provide A Positive Mobile Shopping Experience Or Your Customers Will Flee! (Infographic)

It’s hard to find anyone these days who doesn’t own a smartphone.  And it’s even more difficult to find people who aren’t using those smartphones to help with every aspect of their life, including shopping.  71% of smartphone owners say they shop using their mobile device, but alarmingly, 88% of those who shop on their […]