Marketing Isn’t Enough. How To Up Your Game with Customer Targeting

You’re a small business that is marketing like crazy in an effort to get new customers and sales – but it isn’t working. What’s going wrong? Why aren’t your marketing strategies bringing new customers to your door? Isn’t that how marketing is supposed to work? You’ve just hit the harsh reality that sometimes marketing isn’t […]

Increase Your Email Marketing Results With These TidBits from Mailchimp

  Big shoutout to Mailchimp for compiling some awesome research on email marketing. Here’s four nuggets of wisdom. Check out this page for all the details – Having less words in an email, with a good link, is more effective than many words. Get to the point. Don’t purchase emails. Build your own list organically […]

Accounting and Email Marketing Partnership: Segment Customers In Xero, Email With Constant Contact

Small business accounting company Xero recently added a new feature called Smart Lists. This feature enables you to segments customers in Xero based on certain criteria. For example, who bought what product in a certain period of time? You can then take this list and seamlessly send it to Constant Contact to market to them. […]