Should Small Business Buy Refilled Ink Cartridges? HP’s Answer Might Surprise You.

In an understandable effort to save money, many small business owners have considered and/or used refilled ink cartridges for their inkjet or laserjet printers. If they’re not “refilled”, I know many folks have bought printing ink (toner) supplies that are not manufactured by their original manufacturer. I think part of this debate could be like religion and […]

Scanning Documents Directly From Printer To Online Storage. I Just Did It. You Should Too.

I just tested out Epson’s WF-3540 printer capability to send a scanned document straight from the printer (scanner) to an online service – it works quite well. HP, Lexmark, Dell and other vendors have similar capabilities as well. I’m sure the process will be different with each printer, here’s how I did it with the […]

The Evolution of Printers: A Look At Printers for Every Small Business Need

As offices have increasingly steered toward achieving paper-free status, one thing has become glaringly apparent. We’ll always have a need for printing. In fact, many offices have sought printers that will take care of tasks normally outsourced to professional printing companies, while also adding printers that can perform in other capacities, such as faxing, scanning, […]

Tech Thursday (5/17): Improving Economy Isn’t Helping the IT Services Industry; and Dell Launch ‘Small Business University’; Epson PowerLite X15 Projector; BrandMyMail Launches Premium Version; TicketLeap Launches Self-Service Reserved Seating Option

Improving Economy Isn’t Helping the IT Services Industry and Dell Launch ‘Small Business University’   Epson PowerLite X15 Projector   BrandMyMail Launches Premium Version   TicketLeap Launches Self-Service, Reserved Seating Option   OnForce Confidence Index Indicates Improving Economy Isn’t Helping the IT Services Industry   – Study Also Reveals Eye-Opening Trends in Preferred Mobile Device […]

Tech Thursday (3/22): Epson Introduces WorkForce Pro C Series, VerticalResponse Reports on Email Marketing and Social Media, AnyMeeting Introduces AnyMeeting Now, Toshiba Introduces Excite 10LE -Worlds Thinnest Tablet

Epson Introduces WorkForce Pro C Series   VerticalResponse Reports on Email Marketing and Social Media   AnyMeeting Introduces AnyMeeting Now   Toshiba Introduces Excite 10LE -Worlds Thinnest Tablet     Epson Enhances ImageWay Partner Program with New Workgroup Single and Multifunction Printers Ideal for Small and Medium Offices  – WorkForce Pro C Series Workgroup Color […]

20 Tips On Being Productive. 6 Companies. 8 Executives – How You Can Be More Productive With Tech In Your Business

We all want to use technology in furtherance of the growth of our businesses. However, we also know that technology can be pretty confusing (for many business owners) and at times even filled with errors, crashes and security breaches. Click here to download the image I asked a few executives of technology vendors to share their best […]