Jeremy Howie

10 Important Facebook Marketing Tips Every Business Owner Needs To Know

As the largest social platform in the world, Facebook can help businesses connect with new customers, build brands and drive sales. Jeremy Howie is a Facebook Marketing expert, and gives his insight in this article. He’s a member of the Facebook 2016 SMB Council, digital marketing thought leader, and CEO of Enlightened Marketing LLC. You can […]

Facebook Advertising

For Small Businesses, Facebook Is the Dominant Media Pillar

There’s 4 big pillars of advertising – print (newspapers, magazines), radio, TV and Facebook. End of story. It’s not …and social media…it’s “and Facebook”. Facebook’s $5.2 billion of advertising revenue in the first quarter, 1.7 billion users, profit of $1.5 billion continue to make Facebook a POWERFUL contender far beyond it’s rivals such as Twitter […]

Smart Hustle Recap: Entrepreneur Advice to Grow Your Small Business

Smart Hustle Recap: Small Business Administration Interview, How to Seize Small Business Opportunities, and More!

Small business owners may sometimes feel like they are struggling alone, but the truth is there are many resources available if you know where to look. One excellent resource is the Small Business Administration, or SBA. The SBA is an educational portal that includes articles, videos, and resources you need to get your business running […]